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Another One Down, Three To Go

CQ09ZlHUAAApwVWThe march to Outland Loremaster continues after finishing up Blade’s Edge.  In case you, too, are having trouble with Blade’s Edge Loremaster: wait until 70 (if you’re not) and then come back and do Ogri’la and Shatari Skyguard stuff.  That should get you there.

This means I have three zones left: Nagrand, Netherstorm, and Shadowmoon Valley.  Nagrand is by far the most difficult zone for Loremaster so far.  With most of the other zones I’ve done, you’d finish up all the quest hubs and have maybe four or five hidden quests to track down.  With Nagrand I have, like, 16 hidden quests to track down.

So yeah.

Never fear: I’ll figure it out and then pass all the juicy details along, to anyone out there who’s interested!

Outlands Leveling Is Weird, AKA Loremaster Is A Pain

I’ve recently been working on and off on the Loremaster achievement.  I’ve kind of been opting to do it by way of my alts: as they level, I’ve been having them max out the quests in whatever zone they’re currently in.  Between the three baby alts I’m currently leveling, I should be able to hit every zone in Outlands.

Granted, I’d forgotten that Outlands, as much as I love it, is a pain to level in.  Flight paths are few and far between– the flight master’s map looks positively barren compared to what we get now– but even worse, each zone has like 90 quests in it and many of those quests are really hidden, because they’re either started by rare drops or they start in a completely different zone or something like that.

BladesEdgeMountainsMy current nemesis is Blade’s Edge.  My poor druid has racked up something like 70 quests in the area but there’s, like, 17 more to go for the achievement.  But they are nowhere to be found!  All the quest hubs are cleaned out.  All the quest lines have been finished.  I don’t see any loose story threads anywhere.

So where are all these other quests?  I’ve got to get my druid to 70 and then hit up Ogri’la, maybe?  Who knows!

I’m considering downloading an addon to help me keep track of this stuff.  It’s all just proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  And Outland sure has a lot more quests than I remember it having.  Sheesh!

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

So yes, it turns out the second you can get the achievement you can fly.  No needing to buy a book or training or anything.  Just hop on your flying mount and go for a spin.

CN1t5bNWEAEOSAX.jpg largeI feel extraordinarily productive now.  Like wow, now I can actually go out and do things like archaeology and fighting all the Draenor pet tamers and it doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt!  It’s really rejuvenated the game for me.

The question now, of course, is: What’s gonna happen between now and the next expansion?

You Know What This Whole Draenor Pathfinder/Flying Thing Reminds Me Of?

It reminds me of attunement.  Good old fashioned attunement.  Remember when that was a thing?  It looked like this:

WoWRaidsStuff was gated behind even more stuff and it took forever to get into anything you wanted to do.  I mean, it was kinda fun… in a masochistic sort of way… but yeah.  It all basically went away by the end of TBC.

But now we’ve got this thing, courtesy of Wowhead, which tells you how close you are to being attuned for flight.

flyingLook at all this.  It seriously reminds me of old-school attunement.  I ain’t even mad, just kind of… amused, I guess.  We really are bringing things back to ten years ago!

How close are you guys to getting your Draenor Pathfinder acahievement?

The Proven. Gorram. Assailant.

CElkPDoUgAAyEs1.jpg largeThis is a title that you get by successfully doing 30 rounds of Proving Grounds on Endless.  I.e., the health of the mobs goes up a little on each round.  Forever.

And I’ve been wanting that title bad, so bad.  Mostly because I saw it as a personal challenge to see if I can still hunter all these years later.  So I practiced and memorized the mobs and figured out when to pop my cooldowns and today it happened.  30 rounds of Endless (I actually went on to get to 37) and I snagged my title.


Once you figure out the pattern it’s not terribly difficult, to be honest – well, no, let me rephrase that.  It is difficult.  But I feel like with practice YOU can do it too! Anyone want tips?  I can always write up a Beast Master’s Guide to Proving Grounds if anyone’s interested.  Heck maybe I’ll do it anyway cause why not.

Shake Your Bunny Maker is Slightly Creepy

So there’s a Noblegarden (Easter) achievement called http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2422/shake-your-bunny-maker , which involves putting bunny ears on a female player character of each race.  And you know, up until now my main has been a female character and getting bunny-eared has not bothered me.  My poor fem-tauren was hounded constantly and, you know, whatever, the ears are cute.


Also now handing out free noblegarden chocolates!

So yeah.  If you happen to see Althalor from The Venture Co stalking you down to bunny ear you, I promise I’m not being creepy.  I promise!  I just want my achievement! /cry

Besides, does this look like a creeper face?

CCF0s3cVIAAkIQ8…okay, so don’t answer that.

The Things I Do For That Friggin’ Loremaster Achievement

So long story short I didn’t play Cataclysm.  I mean, I played it for about a month when it first came out, sure.  I leveled my then-main to 85, felt terribly underwhelmed by everything, and then logged out in quest reward greens, not to return for a long time.  This means I basically didn’t see any of the revamped vanilla stuff that Blizz made a big deal out of.

So, having been informed that some of it was actually good stuff, I’ve decided to do the Loremaster achievements.  On a max level character because that way I can fly.  Besides, I’m relatively certain a new character would outlevel all the zones before he or she could fully explore them, anyway.  Even without heirlooms.

And so, I sent Althalor out into the world to start doing all these fancy new quests in the fancy new revamped zones.

All well and good, yes?

Well, yes, until you get to quests that require you to “weaken,” not kill, the enemy.  Especially if these quests can’t be skipped if you want the stupid achievement.

How does a level 100 hunter such as myself deal with these quests?  Like so:

WoWScrnShot_031115_113452STEP ONE: Take off every last bit of your gear.
STEP TWO: Fly up into the sky.
STEP THREE: Dismount.
STEP FIVE: Revive at the Spirit Healer, thus eating the rez sickness.
STEP SIX: Use freaking explosive trap of all things because punching people with your bare fists still one-shots level 46s.

Why must your torment us so, Blizzard?  And why do I feel so compelled to do this in the name of a dumb achievement?

flat,550x550,075,fOh right.   Eheheh.

It's About Time…

…that this happened to somehone who isn’t me:


Still a hunter though. Bwahaha! We shall take over the world, soon enough.

Note: Cause I know someone’s gonna bring up all the Marksman stuff on my bars: I am experimenting with raiding as Marksman when there’s a ret pally in the group already bringing the 3% damage buff, since it overwrites Ferocious Inspiration anyway. I want to get good with Marksmanship, and then someday, I swear to you, I’ll be good at Survival too… maybe… /bangs head into wall

Faster, Healbot, Faster!

Back in the day, when my druid was level 55 or so, and my boyfriend would drag me around with his warlock, he’d do this thing where he’d Life Tap dangerously low and then say “FASTER, HEALBOT, FASTER!” as I spammed heals and tried to keep up with him.

Ya know, several months later, and I still hear it in the back of my mind sometimes…


Lemme tell ya, it’s weird to have “Champion of the Frozen Wastes” floating above a certain character’s head when you still feel like a noob to that particular class.

Not to mention:


My alt is in Ulduar. That may not be a big deal to some of you, but it’s fantastically surreal to me.

(Nothing dropped, of course, but hey.)