Outlands Leveling Is Weird, AKA Loremaster Is A Pain

I’ve recently been working on and off on the Loremaster achievement.  I’ve kind of been opting to do it by way of my alts: as they level, I’ve been having them max out the quests in whatever zone they’re currently in.  Between the three baby alts I’m currently leveling, I should be able to hit every zone in Outlands.

Granted, I’d forgotten that Outlands, as much as I love it, is a pain to level in.  Flight paths are few and far between– the flight master’s map looks positively barren compared to what we get now– but even worse, each zone has like 90 quests in it and many of those quests are really hidden, because they’re either started by rare drops or they start in a completely different zone or something like that.

BladesEdgeMountainsMy current nemesis is Blade’s Edge.  My poor druid has racked up something like 70 quests in the area but there’s, like, 17 more to go for the achievement.  But they are nowhere to be found!  All the quest hubs are cleaned out.  All the quest lines have been finished.  I don’t see any loose story threads anywhere.

So where are all these other quests?  I’ve got to get my druid to 70 and then hit up Ogri’la, maybe?  Who knows!

I’m considering downloading an addon to help me keep track of this stuff.  It’s all just proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  And Outland sure has a lot more quests than I remember it having.  Sheesh!

3 thoughts on “Outlands Leveling Is Weird, AKA Loremaster Is A Pain”

  1. I JUST did Blade’s Edge for the same reason. Took a toon that had only 10-15 quests left in that zone, and boy, finding the quests was a pain. There are some by Ogri’la, but there was one in Forge Camp: Anger that I couldn’t see, because you need a pair of goggles to see it! You can get a pair from someone in Ruuan Weald (just talk to everyone till you find it). I recommend the add ons Wholly, and Grail. They work together. Also, don’t even get me started on the stupid flight paths there. Good luck! I’m working on Netherstorm now.

  2. Me too Pike! Poking away in Kalimdor atm.
    After that Blade edge, and last but not least “there is nothing borean about borean” Gahhh!

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