And The Award For Most Feels Thing In WoW Goes To…

The first minute or so of this thing GETS ME EVERY SINGLE TIME. Just, ugh. It’s feels all around and it’s worse if you’ve played Warcraft III.

“No king rules forever, my son.”

Just… ugh… no, these aren’t tears, I have allergies…

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  1. I’ve always said, in very many ways, Arthas IS Warcraft. His story was the most compelling, his fall a microcosm of the fall of the many kingdoms of Azeroth into ruin, or close to it, after the three wars, and the vengeance done upon him was the vengeance of an entire world upon their adversaries.

    And LK was what everyone was waiting for when the Warcraft universe transformed into WoW. It was the climax of one of the great epic tales ever told, and the closure of the greatest gaming experience ever. In this sense, WoW can almost be divided era-wise into BLK (Before Lich King), and ALK (After LK of course), lol. I really think it’s possible that we will never see its like again, at least in WoW.

  2. Requires reading a book “Tides of War” and if you haven’t then *Spoilers*. AWARD FOR MOST FEELS THING IN WOW GOES TO…well just one word, “Kinndy”

  3. I think you hit it perfectly. This might be the best cinematic Blizzard has made in any of its games. Not only is it the end of the best story they’ve had (so far) in the franchise, but there are two very subtle things at play here:

    First, when Terenas bends over Arthas at his fall, his words seem like all is forgiven. His tone is not. There is compassion and sorrow there (Arthas, for all he did, is his son), but not forgiveness.

    Second is when Tirion is holding the Helm of Domination. When he says “it must be mine!” He sounds almost eager for it. That alone would make him kind of unfit to do it at all. Bolvar’s sacrifice may have stopped not only the rampaging Scourge, but the corruption of Tirion.

  4. Story-wise, I think Wrath was the best of all the expansions. The only hiccup was the entire Argent tournament. It just didn’t seem to mesh into the rest of the expansion, especially considering Ulduar (Sorry Pike, but I think this one edges out Kara as my favorite raid) came just before it.

  5. You guys are all very right. Arthas is arguably the best villain in the entire Warcraft series. And there is a lot of subtlety in this cinematic. I do think my favorite Blizzard cinematic of all time is the one at the end of the human campaign in WCIII. Another Arthas one!

    @Chessler – I haven’t read that one, but I did read the “Arthas” book which I found quite good. And which may in fact be contributing to this post!

  6. OMG Chessier, Kinndy. The only time I have officially complained on the forums was about that Theramore Scenario. After the heartbreak of that scene in Tides of War that Scenario was a total joke. It could have been so good!

  7. For me the “Most Feels” thing in WoW is a quest. The one post-Catain Darkshore involving Grimclaw and Volcor. Every time i do it i wanna cry. Every single time.

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