Okay, you know what, I went to look at my blogroll and it’s full of great old blogs that haven’t been updated since like 2010. It made me sad because I miss a lot of those folks. Anyhow I’ve just wiped the whole thing for now and if you want in then let me know and maybe we can do a link swap or something.

NEW BLOGROLL (Under Construction!)

8 thoughts on “Blogroll”

  1. Checked out the interview and the web site, blogs and am totally awed by your intelligent responses and the pro look of everything you have done. Why not find a job allowing you to have all the fun you are having….. where you could utilize your astonishing abilities for pay?



  2. hi, i hated doing raids put reading your blog on my ipod touch made me want to try it as a hunter it’s funny i’m a hunter and a druid person exspect i’m a feral druid :p

  3. everyone keeps bothering me on what spec i lvl as it’s anoying i have 3 hunters i’ll lvl them up as each spec >.> my 1st hunter will only have rares Humar, Hayoc, Loque’nahak, Gondria, and Skoll

    p.s. sry to double post i do that alot…

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