Dramatis Personae

Tawyn (Silver Hand) was the first ever character I rolled in World of Warcraft and for a very, very long time, she held the title of being my “main”. She loves a good drink and a good joke and a good rifle, and she prefers hanging out with dwarves and humans more than her own kind.  She is responsible for my love of (some might say “obsession with”) huntering. You can pry Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle– and most of her Karazhan gear, for that matter– out of her cold, dead fingers.

Lunapike (The Venture Co.) is a character that I originally made for three reasons: 1.) to give Horde a try, 2.) to give PvP servers a try, and 3.) Because I originally made a warrior for that purpose and quickly realized that I wasn’t happy playing something that wasn’t a hunter, so I rerolled. She was my second character to hit level 70 in Burning Crusade, allowing me to say that I had two level 70 hunters, something which I had been wanting to say for a reeeeeally long time.  I don’t play her particularly often these days but I still love her.

Althalor (The Venture Co.) exists because I needed more hunters, and also because he’s cute. For some reason he wound up becoming my new main as of MoP. Probably because he’s cute. He is Azeroth’s most hapless blood elf – if it can go wrong, it has gone wrong for poor Althalor.  Missing goblin plane flights, accidentally sailing off the edge of the world, and having a pet squirrel who lobs nuts at his head are all a part of an average day.  If you get him drunk he will maintain that he hit Arthas between the eyes with an Arcane Shot when the guy rampaged through Quel’thalas. Whether or not this actually happened is up for debate.

Tamaryn (Silver Hand) was made because one day I decided I really should seriously try something that is not a hunter. I also realized that maybe I should try something that is not DPS to help me in that endeavor. So Tamaryn the druid was born knowing that I could heal or tank with her someday. It didn’t take me long to realize that I really enjoy healing so I promptly turned her into a tree. Blizzard giving treeform a cooldown resulted in much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and Blizzard making this swanky new Treant glyph resulted in much rejoicing. Semi-retired at level 80 because I can’t be bothered to level her and because I miss “real” tree form.

I have a ton of other characters but good word I can’t be bothered to go into detail at the moment. Perhaps sometime in the future! The above four are the important characters, anyway!

4 thoughts on “Dramatis Personae”

  1. LOL, it is good to see, that there are other people who feel the inner force to create not just one hunter…

  2. So I just found this site and I was say, fbebforuabfarbvreyb~! Yay~! Another hunter lover who loves to rp. <3 I'm not in an rp server, but I do love writing stories and drawing stuff about my lovely hunter and her lovely puppy. Your main hunter reminds me of what I think of mine and it makes me giggle. Hehe. Except she has an unhealthy obsession with motorcycles and helicopters, as well as being a shameless flirt. :3

    Anyway~~~~ I think you should totally email me and we should talk about hunters and rping and stuff similar to that. Oh the ideas going through my head for stories~.

  3. Soooo…I found this site when re-living the past of my WoW days and realized you have a post on me. lol Jocee of Sen’Jin. =)

    Just wanted to say thank you for your kind words, I always like to look for the good in things over falling into the oh so easy negative aspects of online gaming.

    I am glad I could help you out that day and hope WoW is still being good to you. =)

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