Just Some New Site Artwork

I love drawing cutsey renditions of my hunters’ pets, and it’s always bugged me that I don’t have more of them on my site, because I do have so many hunters and thus, by extension, a lot of pets. The site banner has Tux and Locke, and on my Dramatis Personae page, you can see Lunapike with Alyosha and Althalor with Regulus. But some of my very favorite pets were nowhere to be seen.

So I opted to fix this, and now on the site sidebars, you can see Eltanin the Windserpent and Serenity the Firefly, proselytizing my contact info and my Hunter Kindergarten guides, respectively:



Both made 100% via the GIMP. I had a lot of fun making ’em, and I’m glad to see more of my pets make an appearance here. ^_^ Hopefully you all like them too!

22 thoughts on “Just Some New Site Artwork”

  1. The wasp is too adorable! One of these days, I ought to bug ya to make a water elemental. I’ll offer gold! Or posts! I dunno! I MUST HAVE A PIKE-IFIED SQUIRTLE!!!!

  2. Ah ha!

    I’m not the only one who uses the embarrassingly named GIMP!

    The wasp is awesome. The big bug eyes look like big glasses, like you’d expect a lecturer to wear. Which is very fitting 😛

  3. lol you know you’ve doomed yourself. People like art and pictures to tell them stories…you must incldue artwork with every lecture now! Muahahaha, our plan is almost complete!

  4. Those are so cute. =) I recently drew Eidan chewing on a Draenei. He’s supposed to show up as my avatar, but it’s not working too well. Anyway, pets are way more fun to draw than characters. <3 Very cute work!

  5. Very cute!

    I also have a firefly named Serenity. I promise I didn’t steal the idea from you! Although I’m sure I got it from the same inspiriation 🙂

  6. @Faulsy

    GIMP is the most kickass image editing software ever designed. Let there be no doubt about it, or the awesometacity of its name >.>

  7. They’re cute, but we don’t want people to think the hunter class is soft. /sigh, they very well might be anyway after 3.08.

  8. @ Bob –

    We here at Aspect of the Hare Incorporated operate under the motto, “Everything has the potential to become mind-numbingly adorable and cuddly. Everything.”

    That is how we roll!

  9. Hello, I just found your site via your comment left on my site!!!

    Your blog is absolutely adorable and your writing is lovely :D.

    Can we please have more cute? 🙂

  10. That’s just too awesome.

    Now all you need is an owl in a hat for your archives and some sort of… thing for your RSS feed.
    And maybe a Gorilla angrily smashing a keyboard for the comments section.
    Or… or…

    *brain explodes*

    It’s the mental image of a cutesy Archimonde that did it.

    GIMP is the bestest. At first, it intimidated the snot out of me. Then… I got used to it. And now? Nothing else really compares.

    Why is it that the free stuff is always better than the stuff you pay for? XD

  11. I haaaaated GIMP when I first started using it. It was confusing and I just didn’t get it.

    But the thing is, when you use Linux, it’s basically one of your only options =P

    So I forced myself to use it, because I didn’t really have a choice. And now I <3 it to bits.

    Though in all honesty, I have never used Photoshop or any o' those really big image editors, so I dunno how they'd compare =P

  12. To be honest, they’re probably all as hard to understand at first.

    I think they just have more powerful software. That’s it.

    Although, it IS pretty powerful software…

    It just costs so much!

  13. I started using Adobe Photoshop Elements (the Home version of Photoshop) until I got used to the application.

    The brief time I had a graphics tablet was wonderful for drawing but not suitable for playing WoW. You *can* play WoW on a graphics tablet quite well, but the lack of an simple way to right-click and the odd camera controls put a stop to that.

    Once I decided I was committed to Photoshop, I upgraded to CS3. Yes, I know the cost is enormous, but if you buy from official resellers or Adobe direct, you can take advantage of Upgrade offers. I was even able to transfer my copy from WinXp to Mac free of charge when I swapped my PC for an iMac.

    The big thing to get used to a new application was training – a few months subscription at Linda.com was worth its weight in Titansteel!

  14. i use only gimp, i never could understand adobe or anything. plus i dont do much photo editing. im more into the movie stuff. i have final cut studio, gimp, imovie and a macbook pro, and i have the time of my life!

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