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I Figured Out Why the Warcraft Movie is Weirding Me Out

Yep.  I’ve figured it out.  Why the Warcraft movie trailer bugs me a lil’ bit.

And no, it’s not because there’s too much CGI.  On the contrary: I don’t think there’s enough!

Warcraft has always been very silly and cartoony to me– in a good way, mind you.  But the movie trailer is super serious and there are people in it.  Real people!  Not, like, cartoon people.  It’s giving off a weird reverse-uncanny-valley effect to me.

I feel like the movie would have been more palatable to me had it been done Pixar-style.  Yes, it definitely would’ve been a lot more silly… and honestly it probably would’ve felt (and looked) a lot more like Warcraft to me.

Alternatively we can just put me in charge of Warcraft art and everything will look like cute little critters with cat faces.
Alternatively we can just put me in charge of Warcraft art and everything will look like cute little critters with cat faces.

Anyways, I don’t mean to be a debbie downer or anything.  I mean, overall the movie looks really great on a technical level.  Granted, we’ve got Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants as Rend Blackhand, so now I’m not sure how seriously I can take that character, but YOU know…

[Art Post] Actual Canon Lore…

…that happened after the Siege of Dalaran. Grand Magister Rommath got himself a popsicle, turned to Jaina and Vereesa and said…

popsicle rommieYup.

Sorry for the lack of actual content posts the last couple of days.  I haven’t really had anything in particular to talk about.    Got something for me to talk about?  Lemme know!


Doing the Blood Elf Newbie Quests in 2015 Like…

dont you dare croppedFeaturing my baby mage Quileus.

Poor Lor’themar; I think he’s a bit behind the times.  Halduron isn’t a jerk, really… he just thinks it’s all pretty hilarious!

And yes, it is a Frozen quote.

Anyways, Happy Fourth of July Weekend to those of you in America, and Happy Regular Weekend to those of you elsewhere!

Super Serious Search Studies #1: Kael’thas Withdrawal

So today someone got to my blog by searching for “Kael’thas Withdrawal”.  Do not fear, my friend– I, too, occasionally suffer from Kael’thas withdrawal.  But do not worry!  I am here, to help you sate your desire for images of Azeroth’s most beautiful, gorgeous, and stylish elf.

Starting with some Stormpunk Kael.

FELPUNK KAELAnd moving on to Kael’thas being a sexy beast in this loading screen:

Wrath_of_the_Lich_King_3.3_Outland_loading_screen(Disregard Illidan, we all know that Kael is the real center of attention here.)

He got ripped in three weeks thanks to Heroes of the Storm!

tumblr_nn4ru8JMUh1qjwo0uo1_500And now we move on to Pike, aka yours truly, sitting on his head.

CIoOzObUsAAl5ueKael and I go back a ways, you see.

Next up it’s time for some amazing work from Jian Guo (aka breathing2004).  If you haven’t yet, take a peruse through their stuff on the official WoW site.  I’ll wait.

Anyways, our beloved Sun King drank a bit too much fel energy…

fanart-0414-fullBringing the blood elves to a cursed state.  But do not fret; we shall rise from the ashes as we always do…

(This, by the way, is the greatest WoW fanart in the history of WoW fanart.  Every little thing here is symbolic!)
(This, by the way, is the greatest WoW fanart in the history of WoW fanart. Every little thing here is symbolic!)

How ya’ll doing on the Kael’thas Withdrawal?  Have you gotten your fix yet?  Not quite?

(artwork by yy6242)
(artwork by yy6242)

Stormpunk Kael is Best Kael.

holy omgAlrighty, will that do it for now?  I think that’ll do it for now.  Dear friends and readers, let me know if you ever suffer from Kael’thas Withdrawal in the future, and I shall come to the rescue.

…and as for a serious answer to your query, Kael’thas went to Outland to try to find a cure for the blood elves’ magic withdrawals (caused by the destruction of the Sunwell).  If you want more information, or if you want me to NERD OUT about blood elf lore in general, you know what to do! *points to comment box*


At the coaxing of some of the people who commented on my last art post, I’m trying to draw more.  So far I’ve drawn…

Stormpunk Kael and the PHOENIX GOD, A’LAR!

CHgKR_VUsAEX1Nwas well as Lor’themar and Halduron getting drunk while Rommath watches, unimpressed (as usual)

CHdn4OcUwAEHXya.jpg largeI don’t think these pictures are very good, but hey, it’s a start, right?  And if I draw a little bit every day, I’ll improve, right?

We shall see.  I have a whole sketchbook to fill up now and I ordered a whole bunch of erasers (because I’m gonna need ’em.)  LET’S DO IT.

“I am not scary.”

I have this problem where I always want to draw my characters but can’t, because I cannot draw. Well, I can kind of draw, but not very well.  At all.  And then my pictures inevitably turn out looking like this:

sketchyWhich then turns into looking like this:

sketchy 2
The Proven Assailant. The Light of Dawn. The… Adorable?

Super serious.

Except not.  Cute though?  Maybe?  Okay, maybe.  I will accept maybe.

I think I want to draw more often and dump the results on this site.  Because why not.  Warcraft lore is a fun world to play in, and if I can’t make it serious or professional, then by golly I can at least make it cute.

There’s Always Money in the Tel’Abim Banana Stand

these are my awards cadyAlthalor likes to collect little pets – probably because he likes animals (he’s a Beast Master, after all) and also because he’s a sensitive sucker for things that were orphaned like he was.  Then he shows them off to his best friend Cadyna.  Like so.  (And then she promptly pretends that she has no idea who he is.)

Cookies to all of you who get the reference in the quote!

This has been a Cop-Out Post brought to you by the fact that I’m going on vacation tomorrow so I’ve been running around getting ready for that.  I will be sans-WoW for a week but I plan on still writing lots of posts when I can.  See you guys on the other side!