At the coaxing of some of the people who commented on my last art post, I’m trying to draw more.  So far I’ve drawn…

Stormpunk Kael and the PHOENIX GOD, A’LAR!

CHgKR_VUsAEX1Nwas well as Lor’themar and Halduron getting drunk while Rommath watches, unimpressed (as usual)

CHdn4OcUwAEHXya.jpg largeI don’t think these pictures are very good, but hey, it’s a start, right?  And if I draw a little bit every day, I’ll improve, right?

We shall see.  I have a whole sketchbook to fill up now and I ordered a whole bunch of erasers (because I’m gonna need ’em.)  LET’S DO IT.

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  1. Off topic here, but anywho. There is a new green (Gara looking) wolf to be tamed in Tanaan. Will you get it? =)

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