Ten Year Reunion


Hey guys.

Pictured here is the first post I ever made on this blog.  The date?  August 9, 2007.

This blog is ten years old.

Needless to say a LOT has changed in those ten years.  I have seen many, MANY bloggers come and go.  Many games have come and gone.  I saw this blog go from being just a personal place for me to store my thoughts to a whopping 1200 subscribers and over 1000 unique daily hits at its peak in 2009, and then as I went on hiatus and WordPress blogs sort of started to die out in favor of various other discussion formats, I saw this blog kind of fall by the wayside, too.

And yet.  Here I am.  I actually, uh… if you’d told me this ten years ago I probably would have laughed, but I actually have an active WoW subscription right now.

No, really.

I took this screenshot a couple of days ago.

What’s that?  Pike still plays… a Beast Master hunter? STOP THE PRESSES.

Granted, I’m… not exactly doing anything.  I’m not raiding.  I’m not even doing heroics.  I am collecting mounts, and playing the goldmaking game for no other reason than I like watching the shiny number in the corner of my backpack rise.

Actually, this post and ten year anniversary day is really good timing because today I managed to cross this little finish line:

SO YEAH, that’s what’s up with me.

What’s up with you guys?  Are any of the old guard still around?  Come on out of the woodwork and say hi and tell me what you’re up to!

As for me, well, I’d love to return to blogging again but I don’t know if I have anything worth saying (unless you all really want to hear about my Farming Adventures) and I feel like most of my old readers have long since moved on to greener pastures anyway.  I am still writing, of course, just… elsewhere.  I do NaNoWriMo (and win it) every single year, which I am pleased to say I was originally encouraged to do by the WoW blogging community in the first place.  I’ve also been writing, uh, *coughs* fanfiction.  A lot of it. Oh, and I’m on tumblr a lot, although you should probably only look into that if you really like the Dragon Age series because that’s my current obsession.

So, where will I be in ten more years?  I mean, a part of me wants to say I’ll finally be free of Blizzard’s grasp and this blog won’t even exist anymore, but honestly I thought that would be the case ten years ago, so I’m not going to put anything past my future self anymore.

And come on, let’s face it.  I’ll never be free of Blizzard’s grasp.  I’ve already pre-ordered Starcraft Remastered.  Like, I did that the second it was up for pre-sale.

Anyways, that’s really all that’s going on with me!  I know it’s not very exciting, but I couldn’t let this day go by without making a little post about it.

/hugs and waves to all! *pops cork on champagne bottle*

12 thoughts on “Ten Year Reunion”

  1. Seems like a long time too but I still play. My hunter is parked in Highmountain for now as I am having way too much DK fun for words… Good to see you’re still hanging in there though.

  2. Woo, an update~!! 🙂 I popped into WoW last year for a free week, but didn’t resubscribe. What I *am* playing now is a lot of Overwatch. XD;; Oh, and writing FFXV fanfic. >.>

  3. I tried a free week as well a year or two ago, but it wasn’t able to hook me back in. I think the biggest reason was that the game felt like a ghost town – I basically never saw other players while questing, and even major cities like Orgrimmar were always nearly empty. It was kind of depressing!

  4. I also still play, sometimes. Still even got my characters on VeCo, though they havent been touched much. I’m glad to see you are still around.

    Wow still sems fairly busy whenever I’m logged in. Not packed like it used to be, but far from a ghost town. Cross server sharing has heaps of people from other servers breezing on through.

    Keep posting occasionally Pike!

  5. Nice to see some old-timers still around.

    I still play and have never let my account lapse. That’s easy since I have been paying for my account with in-game gold for over a year now. As long as I play enough to keep gold rolling in, I’ll be subscribed. I’m mostly collecting class mounts and getting achievements.

    I am even raiding on occasion with a friend’s guild. They are nice enough to invite me along, but we’re very casual and only doing normal mode raids once a week.

    I don’t blog any more, and I can’t seem to get into Twitter, so my WoW-related social media presence is nil.

  6. Still around and actively raiding (albeit nowhere near cutting edge). Still using that cutesy-rawrbear avatar I won in some contest or another ages ago too. 😛

  7. I haven’t been playing for about 1,5 years (yes! I managed not to get the current addon). Before I quit I was playing only casually for a few months, but without hardcore raiding and all that jazz it just wasn’t the same anymore, so one month I didn’t renew my sub and that was that…

    still have you in my feed reader though, always nice to see an update! congratulations on the 10 years 🙂

  8. I’m pretty sure you’ve already given me my due shit for being a BM Hunter nowadays, so I dunno if I need to go into that more. 😛

    That said, I’m having a bucket of fun as a Demonology Warlock main and a moonlighting BM Hunter, even in spite of some of the really *really* dumb decisions in Legion.

  9. Woo, nice one fellow BM hunter. I’ve always liked your blog and though I’ve always been a filthy casual, still playing WoW off & on as well.

    So, whats your handle for the DA stuff? Really obsessed here myself ‘fan fiction-wise’ with DA, as well as Mass Effect Andromeda recently (though reading only atm). My fave ships in DA: Hawke/Anders, Inquisitor/Blackwall and in MEA Ryder/Reyes 🙂

  10. @Ceruleanesk 😀 I can be found on Archive of our Own as “pikestaff”. If you like Hawke/Anders, you will probably like my stuff… a lot. 🙂

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