Dear Players, Have Five-Man Karazhan, Love Blizzard

First of all, I do want to apologize for having not updated in a little while.  NaNoWriMo and work are both piling up on me.  Suffice to say that I am still playing and am still interested in maintaining this blog, so never fear!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Karazhan, and so guess who was the first to freak out when Blizzard spent a couple of seconds at Blizzcon dropping hints about a five-man Karazhan revamp.  (Hint: it was me.  I was the first to freak out about it.)  Obviously I am excited, and it’s got me thinking a little about it.  How would a five-man Karazhan be handled?


In this day and age, I don’t think Blizzard will stuff all off its dozen-odd bosses into one five-man dungeon.  I mean, I’ve got a soft spot for the sprawling, endless maze that is BRD, but it’s clear that Blizzard has largely moved on from that.  In this case, it would make sense to split Karazhan into two dungeons.  Which is… fair, obviously I’d prefer to see my beloved raid as a glorious whole, but I wouldn’t blame Blizzard for chopping it up.

I don’t know who all remembers raiding Karazhan but back in the day Curator was sort of considered the unofficial “halfway point”.  It made sense because he dropped the first of two set tokens in the raid, and then you could use the backdoor to get to the second round of bosses.  As such, I feel like making Curator the final boss of Karazhan Part One fits, especially since it means you could open up Karazhan Part Two with the frenetic sock-in-the-gut fight that is Shade of Aran and that would be awesome.

The_CuratorGranted, this is all assuming that the dungeon will stay largely “as is”.  I know previous dungeon revamps have changed bosses and mechanics around, and even though I understand the logic behind this, I truly hope that Karazhan remains largely untouched.  Partially this is, admittedly, nostalgia, but partially I feel like it just stands up really well even almost a decade after release.  The bosses and their mechanics are interesting and memorable and I feel like too much change could take away from that.

Anyways, I have a LOT more to say about Karazhan (obviously) but I’ll leave it at that for now.  It may not even happen, because heck, we all know what happened when Blizzard promised us a dance studio.

What are your thoughts, though?

3 thoughts on “Dear Players, Have Five-Man Karazhan, Love Blizzard”

  1. A few things:

    1. Unlike ZG and ZA, I want them to keep the original raid intact this time. Nobody really complained about the Zs disappearing as raids, because…well, I’m going to take my mother’s advice here. I have nothing nice to say, so I won’t say anything at all. 🙂 Karazhan, though, is, in many ways THE raid in World of Warcraft, even all these years later. Even good progression groups late in BC would run it weekly to shore up the odd piece of gear they couldn’t get to drop in the later raids, or gear up newly minted lvl 70s to get them ready for t5 as quickly as possible ( /cough /cough Totally wasn’t me). It was, and remains, all kinds of wonderful. I’d love to see 2 5-mans made out of it, but this time, not at the expense of the original raid.

    2. Warlocks get to go to the previously-unreachable lower levels!! 😀 This was announced during Blizzcon unless I’m really mistaken, and it’s wonderful, and it’s why I’ll have to make sure to alt my lock during Legion, BUT FIRST…a fun little story.

    I was one of the elect, lucky few who got to see the underground levels back when. It was the night before the ZA/ZG patch went live during Cata, and a guildie and regular raid-mate and I were just futzing around, not doing anything in particular. I started talking about the Kara underground level again, and we talked ourselves into giving it a shot. We got in through the “hole in the earth” that existed then in STV, after much trial and error, that took you underneath the world, if you will; it was like the ground was the ceiling, EXCEPT that you could get back on the right side of the world if you entered an area that was on the right side, but lower down than ground level…like the Kara underground level! Long story short, it was glorious, and the Room of the Upside Down sinners will make you want to step away from your computer for a few minutes.

    Coda: we went back to check the illicit entrance the next day, after the patch went live, and they’d fixed it. It was very near where you picked up the quest line for the baby panther cub mini-pet, and it looks like they finally decided to close that loophole while they were at it. We literally got in the last day it was possible to do so, lol. Anyway, I highly advise getting your lock levelled just to do this area, it’s fantastic.

  2. I suspect we’ll see a revamped, current-lore version of Kara for the 5-man, assuming it happens. One which has Khadgar, not Medivh, as the current master of the castle. And possibly one in which we find out something, dare I say, INTERESTING about the current master of Karazhan, who has been acting oddly since the alt!Draenor invasion.

    Kara is my all time favorite as well, but expecting the 5 man to be an exact replica, lore-wise, of the original is less than realistic. There is absolutely no point in them doing all that work for a weak-tea retread.

  3. Now I have to admit to my shame that I’ve *still* never finished Karazhan. For whatever reason the chess game defeats me every time. I ran it back in the day with my then guild and we failed. I’ve tried to solo it in every expansion since Wrath and still failed. Try, try again because I want to beat the original raid before it gets “revamped”.

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