“I am not scary.”

I have this problem where I always want to draw my characters but can’t, because I cannot draw. Well, I can kind of draw, but not very well.  At all.  And then my pictures inevitably turn out looking like this:

sketchyWhich then turns into looking like this:

sketchy 2
The Proven Assailant. The Light of Dawn. The… Adorable?

Super serious.

Except not.  Cute though?  Maybe?  Okay, maybe.  I will accept maybe.

I think I want to draw more often and dump the results on this site.  Because why not.  Warcraft lore is a fun world to play in, and if I can’t make it serious or professional, then by golly I can at least make it cute.

5 thoughts on ““I am not scary.””

  1. Definitely draw and post more art! Blogging needs more art! Plus, the more you draw and practice, the better you’ll get!

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