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The Best Hunter Transmog Sets Are From TBC

Recently I was stumbling around the internet, trying to avoid doing my writing for NaNoWriMo, and found someone lamenting the fact that hunters have no good transmog sets.

Mate.  You do know that The Burning Crusade exists, right?

For my money basically every hunter set that came out of TBC was good.  Heck, even most of the non-hunter sets were really good.  TBC was just overall fantastic for cosmetic sets and transmog purposes.

Here’s Althalor in the Sunwell set and Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas (no helmet because it obscures his pretty face):

CN6rq3PUsAA7WBp.jpg largeSure, the textures might be a bit dated, but it still looks great.

If the Sunwell set isn’t your thing, then Demonstalker, Rift Stalker, and Gronnstalker all exist.  And since TBC was approximately five million years ago, it’s pretty easy to farm the set tokens for all of these.  Oh, and the dungeon armor set, Beast Lord, isn’t too shabby either.

So yeah.  Hunter sets haven’t been too impressive as of late, no, but go back in time a bit and we’ve got the best there is.

Happy transmogging!

Got Myself a Little Present

So there was an Amani Dragonhawk – a rare TCG mount – on the auction house for 100,000g.  I kind of stared at it for a moment and then changed my mind.  As much as I love dragonhawks (and I love them a lot), I didn’t want to drop that kind of cash on a mount.

Then the next day it was gone and I kind of regretted it a little.

…so the NEXT DAY it was back on the AH for 98,000g and what the heck.  Gold is meant  to be spent, right?

CREDjVuUAAEuURq.jpg largeI’m happy.  Broke, but happy.

Now to figure out the fastest way to make gold because having under 100k g makes me skittish.  (Oh, if I could go back in time and tell myself that!  I remember when I first started playing the game and I felt filthy rich after selling some Linen Cloth for 20 silver.)

Well THAT One Took a Little While

The more I take my little cadre of alts through Outland the more tough Loremaster becomes.  For Blade’s Edge I had to wait until my character was 70 and then come back and do a bunch of Ogrila and Skyguard stuff (remember that?)  Finally done, though!

CQ09ZlHUAAApwVWNext on the list to finish up is Nagrand, which is turning out to be a royal pain.  Did you know it’s possible to actually get sick of Nagrand?  Never thought I’d see the day but here I am.  Sooo ready to move on.

Netherstorm is a great deal of fun so far, though.  We’ll see how long that lasts!

Flashback Friday: Choco-Bow

Whoooo remembers the choco-bow?  I wrote of it long, long ago, in a galaxy far away.

Well, guess what.  IT’S BACK.  Thanks to timewalking!

CQJX3jFUYAAbfh_It’s not an upgrade for me but seeing it makes me smile and brings me back all the way to TBC.  I was carrying this thing well into WotLK.  My old main has still got it in her bank.  What a fantastic weapon!  Good times, good times.

Meanwhile, I’m still saving up badges for the mount.  Several more months to go on that one.

I Dreamed A Dream

Most of my favorite hunter armor sets are from TBC (Demon Stalker, Sunwell set, etc.) , but Vanilla had Cryptstalker Armor, and let me tell you, that’s something I’ve long drooled over.  It just looks so neat!  And it turns you into a bug!


But I’d also acknowledged to myself that it was probably a set I’d never own.  Vanilla Naxx disappeared into the Twisting Nether before it was solo’able (the closest I came was going in there with a group of friends in TBC and still being unable to pass the first trash pull), and with its relaunch for WotLK, the original armor went with it.

But yesterday I found the spaulders on the Black Market Auction House.

I hemmed and hawed for a bit before plunking down 10k gold on it (hey, you make a ton of money in WoD, right?)  I logged in again right before bedtime to discover that I’d been outbid, so I went and made another bid.  I went to bed figuring I’d probably be outbid (again), and in fact forgot about the whole thing entirely until I woke up this morning to a surprise in my mailbox:

CQD5SRNUYAAX89GCryptstalker Spauders are now mine, the first piece of a dream I’ve had since I first saw that set.

It’ll probably take several months to collect the full thing.  I might not even ever complete it.

But ya gotta try, right?


I Was Gonna Delete These Characters, But…

So the other day I figured I’d do some Spring (uh, Autumn) cleaning and delete a couple of old characters that I haven’t played in years.

Then I made the mistake of logging in on them to see if they had anything cool.

CPDhKGlUAAA2AIm.jpg largeHunters with intellect gear!

CPDhRAKUwAANDItHunters with quivers and arrows!

But what really got me were the pets.  The above troll hunter had a snow leopard from Dun Morogh, so presumably I ran her up through Stranglethorn Vale at level ten all the way up to Ironforge.  I also had a tauren hunter, similarly low-level, with an owl.  From Teldrassil.


Now I suddenly find myself loathe to delete these two characters.  I’ll probably never play them again, no.  And yet they remind me of a time long, long ago, when hunters had mana and arrows and when I’d take each one on a weird little journey to find the most unusual pets for them.

Do you have any characters like that, who you don’t want to delete?

Did I Ever Tell You Guys About How Baby Althalor Is Internet Famous

I can’t remember.  Did I?  Perhaps I did.  It was a long time ago.

Seven years ago, to be precise.

World of Warcraft was still everywhere in those days because there were 12 million subscribers.  It was a pop culture phenomenon.  So it a pretty common thing for comedy articles taking the piss out of it to exist.  Such as this one on Cracked.

cracked 1Oh hey, look, it’s a baby hunter posing with The Rake in Mulgore.  You know, I did that once…

…with a blood elf who looks suspiciously like the one in the picture…

…wait a minute…


That’s Althalor.

Forever immortalized on the internet at level ten.  Poor guy.

Hey, he’s still got that cat!

WoWScrnShot_090915_093830 (2)

So I Don’t Know If This is a Bug or What, But…

Crown of the Fire Festival is now transmoggable!

This is a prize from the Fire Festival holiday event, and up until now, it was really only good for selfie and screenshot purposes because you couldn’t transmog into it.  But as of yesterday’s patch, well… let’s just say Althalor is even prettier than usual now!

CN6rq3PUsAA7WBp.jpg largeSo if you have this item lying around, and want to look pretty at ALL TIMES… go for it!

This wasn’t in any sort of patch notes so it may be a bug rather than a feature.  In that case, enjoy it while it lasts!

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

So yes, it turns out the second you can get the achievement you can fly.  No needing to buy a book or training or anything.  Just hop on your flying mount and go for a spin.

CN1t5bNWEAEOSAX.jpg largeI feel extraordinarily productive now.  Like wow, now I can actually go out and do things like archaeology and fighting all the Draenor pet tamers and it doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt!  It’s really rejuvenated the game for me.

The question now, of course, is: What’s gonna happen between now and the next expansion?