Got Myself a Little Present

So there was an Amani Dragonhawk – a rare TCG mount – on the auction house for 100,000g.  I kind of stared at it for a moment and then changed my mind.  As much as I love dragonhawks (and I love them a lot), I didn’t want to drop that kind of cash on a mount.

Then the next day it was gone and I kind of regretted it a little.

…so the NEXT DAY it was back on the AH for 98,000g and what the heck.  Gold is meant  to be spent, right?

CREDjVuUAAEuURq.jpg largeI’m happy.  Broke, but happy.

Now to figure out the fastest way to make gold because having under 100k g makes me skittish.  (Oh, if I could go back in time and tell myself that!  I remember when I first started playing the game and I felt filthy rich after selling some Linen Cloth for 20 silver.)

4 thoughts on “Got Myself a Little Present”

  1. Warlords has been very kind to me gold wise. Six complete garrisons, another two on the way. I purchased 10 tokens back when they were under 20k, Three more to use. I have paid for at least seven more months for friends ranging between 25 and 30 K.

    Big battle Bear, woolly rhino, and El Polo Grande for myself.

    I’m in saving mode once again now. This coming reset should be hovering just over 200 k. I’m saving to buy felsteel annihilator, I think I would gladly go cap for it.

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