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Flashback Friday: Choco-Bow

Whoooo remembers the choco-bow?  I wrote of it long, long ago, in a galaxy far away.

Well, guess what.  IT’S BACK.  Thanks to timewalking!

CQJX3jFUYAAbfh_It’s not an upgrade for me but seeing it makes me smile and brings me back all the way to TBC.  I was carrying this thing well into WotLK.  My old main has still got it in her bank.  What a fantastic weapon!  Good times, good times.

Meanwhile, I’m still saving up badges for the mount.  Several more months to go on that one.

Timewalking Is Making Me Love WoW Again

Okay, so, I guess I never really stopped loving WoW.  I mean, I can sit here and cry and complain about it all afternoon long but at the end of the day it’s still a game I’ve been playing on and off for nearly a decade.  That’s commitment.  It’s like marriage.  And timewalking is rekindling the spark.

See, earlier today I wound up in a Halls of Lightning group with four other people all from the same guild.  I am 99% sure that they had never even stepped foot in this dungeon before, judging by the many deaths and missteps.  But they were having a good old time and I got to play the part of the Old Hand who could point out that no, you actually have to run to the back of the room during Ionar’s spark thing.

I haven’t felt like the Old Hand in a long time.

I also haven’t felt like “Oh gods if I don’t DPS my heart out, the group will completely fail”, in a long time.  But that’s where I was today with this dungeon.

It felt good.  It brought me right back.  Right back to good ol’ runs in Naxx pugs.

Timewalking makes me happy 🙂


Oh Timewalking… I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

I have this problem and the problem is that I can’t not like timewalking.   I just have this big ol’ smile on my face while doing it.  I did Arcatraz yesterday and the group sucked and there were a couple of wipes (yes, in 2015) and I didn’t even care; I didn’t even care one bit because it brought me back.

I love it.  I love it so much.  Best thing Blizzard has done in forever.  And according to MMO-Champion they’re planning on adding even more old instances!  I don’t care about Cataclysm dungeons but I DO care about the other TBC and Wrath dungeons.  Yes, Blizzard.  Yesssss.  Give them to me.  I want all of them.


Timewalking is Funtastically Cozy

I love it, I really do.  It doesn’t really feel like old heroics but it does feel like old normals and you know what?  I’m fine with that.


Also I died on the last boss of Slave Pens.  Because the tank didn’t know he was supposed to turn him around so he didn’t spew poison anywhere.

I didn’t even mind, it was just… adorable 🙂

TIMEWALKING!  Best thing Blizzard has added in forever.  I approve.

The other night I had a dream about Timewalking

Specifically I had a dream that I was doing Violet Hold (which isn’t one of the ones we’re getting but bear with me) and that I was a moonkin?  Yeah I don’t get it either.

I swear this Timewalking thing is just for me.  Like, Blizzard heard my prayers and floated down from the heavens to give this to me.  I just, guys, look at this.  Look at this list.

Burning Crusade – The Arcatraz, The Black Morass, Mana-Tombs, The Shattered Halls, The Slave Pens

Wrath of the Lich King – Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom, Gundrak, Halls of Lightning, The Nexus, Utgarde Pinnacle

Just looking at this list makes my heart swell three sizes.  All the time spent in every one of these dungeons… all that time, all those memories.  Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, you guys.  Those were MY expansions.  That is World of Freaking Warcraft, Pike Edition.

I am just, I am so excited, I wish I could express how excited I am.  Don’t botch this up, Blizz.


So yeah.  PATCH 6.2.  Let’s talk about it.  What are you looking forward to? Because um, I’m basically looking forward to the whole thing.

But mostly timewalking.

Timewalking HYPE Post – Part Deux!

Yup, you get more about this.  Sorry, but I’m still hyped for it.

everything is awesomeYou may recall that the last time I posted about this, I mentioned being concerned about potential steamrolling.  Well, good news, everyone!  Blizzard is taking this into consideration!  (Whether or not they actually pull it off correctly is still up in the air, but.)

They also go on to mention the possibility of raids.  Not gonna hold my breath on that one yet, because remember Dance Studios?


But that doesn’t change the fact that I am HYPE for Timewalking and being able to have expanded options for dungeons!

Today’s question: What dungeons and raids would YOU like to see make a comeback?

It’s Happening: The return of TBC and Wrath DUNGEONS!

Are you a big turbonerdy nostalgia nut like me?  Miss the good ol’ dungeons of TBC and WotLK?




look at this listlook at this list



Ahem.  Sorry.  Got a little excited there for a minute.

To be fair this entire system isn’t without what I think could possibly be issues:

First of all, apparently this system only exists during “holiday weekends”, like the old Call to Arms PvP quests.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because they want it to be a special thing?  Either way I want my retro dungeons ALL THE TIME, Blizz!

Second, I hope the above list isn’t ALL the dungeons we’re getting.  Basically all of my favorite retro dungeons are missing.  Chief among these are:

  • Mech
  • Underbog
  • Ramparts
  • Sethekk
  • Shadow Labs (yes I went there)
  • Violet Hold
  • Drak’theron
  • Utgarde Keep
  • Culling of Strat

So yeah.  Don’t stop with the ones you’re testing, Blizzard!

Thirdly, I hope they don’t just scale down gear and leave it at that.  Due to the many and often very drastic class mechanics changes that have occurred since TBC and WotLK, I feel like doing that would still overpower most of these instances at level.  Tune them to how they were when they were Heroics, Blizz.  Yes, even Shadow Labs.

But yeah, other than that?