I Was Gonna Delete These Characters, But…

So the other day I figured I’d do some Spring (uh, Autumn) cleaning and delete a couple of old characters that I haven’t played in years.

Then I made the mistake of logging in on them to see if they had anything cool.

CPDhKGlUAAA2AIm.jpg largeHunters with intellect gear!

CPDhRAKUwAANDItHunters with quivers and arrows!

But what really got me were the pets.  The above troll hunter had a snow leopard from Dun Morogh, so presumably I ran her up through Stranglethorn Vale at level ten all the way up to Ironforge.  I also had a tauren hunter, similarly low-level, with an owl.  From Teldrassil.


Now I suddenly find myself loathe to delete these two characters.  I’ll probably never play them again, no.  And yet they remind me of a time long, long ago, when hunters had mana and arrows and when I’d take each one on a weird little journey to find the most unusual pets for them.

Do you have any characters like that, who you don’t want to delete?

5 thoughts on “I Was Gonna Delete These Characters, But…”

  1. None that I would want to delete, but I do remember the feeling of pets, and ammo, and the attachment those kinds of journeys bring.

    I really love those feelings.

  2. There are a couple of older alts I haven’t looked at for years – mostly on realms I no longer go to. Maybe I’ll take a quick look soon. Also, I do remember regularly trying to throw Alliance out of Halla in Nagrand so I could buy some of those lovely arrows.

  3. I have a hard time deleting characters with interesting stories too. If I did something with a character that was unique to them, then they almost certainly get a stay of deletion. 🙂

  4. I havent checked since pandaria but prior to that there was a cap of 50 characters on an account. I hit that number back in about 2007 and bought a second account just so I could play MORE toons on my main servers. That one now has about 20 on it.
    I visit every single one of them at least once a quarter. As they are all level 20 or above its too hard to consider deleting!

  5. It’s funny you ask that. I just deleted several characters from a few old servers but I’m hesitant to delete the first few characters I ever created. I also remember the arrows and int gear very well.

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