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Into The Wild Blue Yonder

So yes, it turns out the second you can get the achievement you can fly.  No needing to buy a book or training or anything.  Just hop on your flying mount and go for a spin.

CN1t5bNWEAEOSAX.jpg largeI feel extraordinarily productive now.  Like wow, now I can actually go out and do things like archaeology and fighting all the Draenor pet tamers and it doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt!  It’s really rejuvenated the game for me.

The question now, of course, is: What’s gonna happen between now and the next expansion?

Twas The Night Before Flying And All Through the Server…

…Pike was running around in maximum fervor
Because suddenly she remembered she wanted to fly
So best run around now so she can take to the sky

I’ve got another forty-ish treasures to nab and I’ve got to hit Revered with my last faction, which is Order of the Awakened.  That should happen either today or tomorrow, so I’m not terribly stressed about that bit.  But this treasure hunt, sheesh.  Don’t you think all this busywork was a bit much, Blizzard?

Are YOU ready for flying tomorrow?