The Best Hunter Transmog Sets Are From TBC

Recently I was stumbling around the internet, trying to avoid doing my writing for NaNoWriMo, and found someone lamenting the fact that hunters have no good transmog sets.

Mate.  You do know that The Burning Crusade exists, right?

For my money basically every hunter set that came out of TBC was good.  Heck, even most of the non-hunter sets were really good.  TBC was just overall fantastic for cosmetic sets and transmog purposes.

Here’s Althalor in the Sunwell set and Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas (no helmet because it obscures his pretty face):

CN6rq3PUsAA7WBp.jpg largeSure, the textures might be a bit dated, but it still looks great.

If the Sunwell set isn’t your thing, then Demonstalker, Rift Stalker, and Gronnstalker all exist.  And since TBC was approximately five million years ago, it’s pretty easy to farm the set tokens for all of these.  Oh, and the dungeon armor set, Beast Lord, isn’t too shabby either.

So yeah.  Hunter sets haven’t been too impressive as of late, no, but go back in time a bit and we’ve got the best there is.

Happy transmogging!

3 thoughts on “The Best Hunter Transmog Sets Are From TBC”

  1. Not all. Monks are 13 tier sets poorer than most other classes.

    Monks are like the millennials of WoW. They lack the shared history of the previous generation.

  2. To be honest I agree with those who say there are no good hunter sets. The only one I can tolerate is the black dragonscale from vanilla and that’s not even a hunter set, just generic mail.

    I love most TBC sets, but hunters are just screwed all over when it comes to transmog armor. Then again we have the most amazing bow skins to compensate.

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