My Poor Authenticator Is Giving Up The Ghost

CSV_l5-UcAA98VxI got one of these babies back in… 2009?  I think?  It was during Wrath of the Lich King, I’m pretty sure.  Anyways, since then it has accompanied me through moves to another state and back, to different houses and apartments, faithfully spitting numbers out at me whenever asks.

It even got me a tiny Core Hound pet.

These days it doesn’t seem to be doing so well, though.  You can see weirdness on the screen (if you look closely enough at the picture) and you have to mash the button a couple of times before it actually does anything.  I’m assuming that at some point soon I’ll have to join the future and get one of the smartphone authenticators or whatever everyone uses these days.

But I’ll wear this puppy out first.

That’ll do, tiny physical authenticator.  That’ll do.

4 thoughts on “My Poor Authenticator Is Giving Up The Ghost”

  1. FWIW they still sell physical authenticators in the gear store with no shipping fees. Much better battery life and less of a theft magnet than a cell phone, which is why I’m planning on retiring my current fob with a new physical one instead of the app (in theory I’ve got two more BlizzCon freebies around here somewhere…). 😛

  2. I have one of these too and will give it up only with extreme reluctance. Like yours, mine has made lots of moves (3 cross country) and has been a constant and faithful companion.

  3. I still have mine, too! I got it mainly for the cute pet. :3 But it’s served me well, and is getting a little use here and there when I decide I’d like some Hearthstone. I have yet to pick up HotS yet. >.>

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