So Apparently Overwatch Beta Has Started

Overwatch, in case you weren’t aware, is an upcoming Blizzard game that basically looks like Team Fortress 2 except with new characters (many of whom look like they could’ve stepped right out of another Blizzard game).

Needless to say a loooot of people are excited and really want into the beta.  I’m more lukewarm about it.  It doesn’t really look like my type of game.  That’s not to say it doesn’t look like it has a fun design, because it does.  And it will probably be a good game, too, because Blizzard has always been solid.

But other than brief love affairs with Goldeneye 007 and the original Halo, shooters have never really been my thing.  I’m not “twitchy” enough for them, and in my old age, that is just becoming more apparent.

CrankyTFI’m also pretty sure the game is multiplayer based (like TF2 and most other shooters), and the older I get, the less I find myself interested in multiplayer.  Stay off my lawn, ya dang kids!

But apparently I’m opted into the beta for Every Blizzard IP Ever, so I might give it a whirl if I end up with an invite.  …not that I tried either Hearthstone or HotS when I got into the beta for either of those, but hey, this might be different, right?

What do you guys think about Overwatch?

2 thoughts on “So Apparently Overwatch Beta Has Started”

  1. Will I try it? Yes!
    Will I suck at it? Yes!
    I’m getting to old for this sort of thing. Getting a bit woozy just watching the demo. Much to fast. Feeling a bit like Treebeard 🙂

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