It's About Time…

…that this happened to somehone who isn’t me:


Still a hunter though. Bwahaha! We shall take over the world, soon enough.

Note: Cause I know someone’s gonna bring up all the Marksman stuff on my bars: I am experimenting with raiding as Marksman when there’s a ret pally in the group already bringing the 3% damage buff, since it overwrites Ferocious Inspiration anyway. I want to get good with Marksmanship, and then someday, I swear to you, I’ll be good at Survival too… maybe… /bangs head into wall

14 thoughts on “It's About Time…”

  1. I want that trinket really badly. Really really badly…

    Last (wo)man standing. I wager it was a kill shot that brought Thorim down to the surrendering point.

  2. It appears the retadin was alive until a few seconds before you took that screenshot! Trickery I say!

  3. There ain’t nuttin’ wrong with playin with other specs, hey, that’s how I ended up being able tp bring my pretty white birdie on raids as marksman 😀

  4. Ya, I’ve been feeling the guilt lately to play the other specs, let alone raid with other specs or an alt, or on an off night being on your alt…..

    Dont feel ya have to apologize for that… 🙂

  5. Am I the only one who thinks SV has the easiest rotation? No medium-long cooldowns to manage (ie TBW, RF w/ Rapid Killing), two dots, one big shot, and one not-quite-as-big shot. Maybe it’s cause I was SV in BC.

  6. @ Rilgon and WB – I don’t know what Mjolnir is, so I’m guessing no >.>

    @Donovitch and Lyraat – It’s definitely not that I am ashamed or apologetic about playing other specs… not in the slightest. It’s just that I figured someone would probably ask, so I thought I’d answer in advance =P

    @ Lyraat – Seeing as I know about 59 trillion hunters who are SV and good at it, I’d say you’re far from alone! =P

    You are correct in that I don’t understand the weird “SV is so much harder than BM” thing floating around; honestly the rotation to me is basically BM but with Black Arrow instead of TBW, and Explosive instead of Arcane. The main (and only, really) difference is Lock and Load. I really hate Lock and Load. Not cause it’s hard, but because I am a creature of habit, and that includes habitual shot priorities. Lock and Load throws that out the window and I a.) forget to look for it and b.) dislike it in general.

  7. Pike! /hug that out of my system…

    What add on is for those action bars?

    Oh and grats on the Achievement

  8. I always say that if I’m not the last person to die, I’m doing something wrong. After all, as ranged DPS with a 100% aggro wipe on a fairly short cooldown, we really shouldn’t be taking *any* damage unless we’ve screwed up.

  9. TY Miss pike, I’ve been looking for something thats not so cluttered…hehe

    You teach them ole baddies in Uldular not to mess with you!

    (Even if you are on the floor…just tell everyone you were bored and went to sleep…yeah…thats the ticket!)

  10. As a former Beast Master turned Survival (more or less at guild “request”), I’m actually looking forward to hearing how your run at Marksmanship goes so that in the future I may be able to go down this route as well; I didn’t really like more or less being forced to respec in order to go raiding.

    Haven’t assigned points to the off-spec, so I could go BM or Marksmanship for that one, but still. :/ These days I’m looking up BM/Marksmanship blogs to see how you do it.

  11. @ Edward – Check out my Marksmanship-tagged posts to see my initial results and opinions from my Marksmanship test run earlier in June:

    My general opinion is that it’s a really fun and underrated spec. None of the hunters in my typical raid group run SV anymore; they are all Marksman and it is generally only with much “awwwww do I have toooooo” that one will occasionally pop over to SV for replenishment. =P

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