The Beast (Master Spec) Within

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a huge dork so I tend to play a little game with myself where I’ll try to come up with awesome new talents for the Beast Master tree. Most of these imaginary talents really focus on my favorite part of that spec– the synergy between pet and hunter. So most of my ideas involve the hunter and pet bouncing things off of each other, making each other more powerful. My ideas also tend to be a little, well… let’s put it this way. I really dislike those talents that are a flat “Your pet does n% more damage, period.” Not so much because they are bad talents, so much as they are a.) overdone and b.) simply not very exciting!


In the Beast Master tree:
Unleashed Fury: Increases the damage done by your pet by 15%.
Kindred Spirits: Increases the damage done by your pet by 20%.

In your Ferocity pet’s talent tree:
Spiked Collar: Increases the damage done by your pet by 9%.
Shark Attack: Increases the damage done by your pet by 6%.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to complain or anything. I like having a pet who can make things explode with a single swipe.

But I’m that person who sits here and thinks “Ooooh they’re redoing talents this expansion/patch/etc., I wonder what types of things we’ll get! Maybe we’ll get like… a Poison Dart attack that increases the damage done by mine and my pet’s special attacks for ten seconds and maybe if my pet crits it will increase the critical strike chance of my next hit or maybe my pet’s attack power will be increased by a percentage of my stamina and my intellect will be increased by a percentage of his stamina, or maybe when his Frenzy procs I go into a Frenzy too and I get some sort of bonus, or or or or…

…or more increased pet damage. Kay.”

Ya know? Now those are just examples I pulled out of my hat, nothing too serious, but you get the drift. I guess my point is that a lil’ more variety would be nice.

Ah, but a hunter can dream. I’m sure most of us have spent some time thinking about a personal “idealized” version of our spec or class. …or maybe that’s just me cause I’m a supergeek. I’m okay with that, too. Still, I’d be curious to hear if any of you are like me, and if you are, what sort of ideas you fine folks have thought of.

And in other news, this sort of scenario is kind of turning into a tradition:


14 thoughts on “The Beast (Master Spec) Within”

  1. I been pushing a BM shot only , just like MM and SV have .
    But the shot does something extra when you go Bestial Wrath ……
    i am still a sad panda , thought there where to buff BM and MM up again , but it seems SV still out dps the other 2 . Where is the BM/MM buffs ….i dont see it

  2. /facepalm at DK called Lichking.

    But yes, I’m totally agreed on pet damage talents.

    Spiked collar, ok, fine.

    Shark Attack? Seriously, what?

    “We’re going to add new and exciting talents to the top of the tree to help Beastmasters!”

    And we get… more pet damage. That is so incredibly boring and lackluster it’s unreal.

  3. I’d like “unique” talents like ice claws or fire claws because we are Beast Masters.

    I’d also like to have some choices when I hit Bestial Wrath, like my wolf morphs into a pack of wolves or rises up as The Wolfman!

    “oh, I much prefer the choice of ice spit over acid spit; of course, I see you like to spit a cocoon.”

  4. I’ve always thought it would be awesome if Blizzard did an in-game April Fool’s prank, where everyone’s talent trees were changed into the absolutely ridiculous.

    For instance, every talent in the BM tree would increase your pet’s damage by a percent.

    Every. Single. One.

  5. They never guaranteed that it would be interesting, Faulsey, only that it would help (which it did – not quite enough, though).

    And honestly, the current MM tree is as close as I’d get to a perfect class without totally revamping the whole Hunter class from the ground up, so… 😛

  6. Heh I’ve done that. My first toon (and Hunter) ever grew up on a PVP server much like Revn is, and finally transferred to Suramar for raiding. I did a pug with the guild leader, main tank, off tank, and main healer of RtR just because I could GET a pug for once, and on the last boss of Old Hillsbrad everyone. Died.

    Except me ‘n Alvar. Then Alvar bit it, and I’m at half health. I let Thrall tank while I toss on a quick bandage, thinking it’ll take a few shots at least to kill the dragon. But everyone was yelling at me, so I shot off an Arcane and poof, dead dragon. o.O I think it’s just a Hunter thing.

    Still not nearly as awesome as tanking Netherspite, in the red beam, with Monkey and Deterrence up, and finally being ganked by a void zone. It was a wipe but it was SO much fun!

  7. Ok you’ve probably said this somewhere else but what is that party UI you are using.

    I’ve noticed form my own play that the hunter left alone to finish off the enemy seems to be a common theme.

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