18 thoughts on “This Seems to Happen to Me a Lot”

  1. You know, in WW2 there was a Japanese destroyer that was the sole survivor in three different battles. The Shigure was seen as a lucky ship and as she sailed to her third battle the crews on the other ships were glad she was along – thus ignoring a rather obvious implication.

    Just saying, you know, if you *are* thinking about grouping with Tawyn you may want to remember who has the luck 😉

  2. I always feel a little guilty (like I didn’t go down with the sunken ship and I don’t have any repair bills). The damage meter still puts me on top for deaths (it counted feign deaths, a little silly if you ask me).

  3. Hmmm makes you wonder. Should Hunters take engineering so in these situations they can break out the Goblin Jumper Cables. I think many hugs and kisses would be a nice reward. The chopper and other cool toys always a bonus.

  4. @ Vlcan I have jumper cables for these occasions, but it seems to not work when I need them most. Oh, yes and the chopper is very nice, as well as the goggles that let you sometimes loot more stuff (moots and crystallized things).

  5. I pulled off one of those in Heroic Nexus.

    Then she dropped my trinket and the Rogue let me have it for downing her with 200-odd health left.

    11.7k Kill Shot crit, baby. /flex

  6. Hunters – Always the last one standing.

    It KINDA happened to me with Keristrsza, though there were actually two of us after she died… but the Druid hadn’t moved, so he still had the debuff, and he died.

    Fun times, fun times.

  7. I haven’t done anything this impressive yet (totally planning to) but my bear did tank the Ampitheatre of Anguish in Zul’Drak with only a ret pally healing him. No one died and only one person pulled aggro, once. Gogo ele shammy supah chain lightning crits.

  8. Lol, if I had a gold for everytime that happened to me ^_^

    Which is why I decided to be an engineer. Now instead of my group grumbling that I didn’t die, they all cross their fingers for my jumper cables to work. (They grumble afterwards when they fail – lol)

  9. Easy Breezy Hunters ^.^


    Brilliant. I’m loving Twayn just standing there as if to say ‘meh’

  10. Oh that boss is so annoying. I tried to tank him with my gorilla last night, it didn’t work out. He really needs a regular tank to position him properly.

    On the plus side I finally tamed Uhk’loc the rare white gorilla, after camping for 2 weeks and watching other players kill him twice. Wooho.

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