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Let’s Talk About Felo’melorn For Two Minutes

You know what part of the upcoming expansion I’m most excited about?

I’ll tell you what: Felo’melorn.

I don’t even main a mage and this is the most exciting tidbit of WoW info I’ve heard in forever.

So lemme tell you guys about this weapon.



WoW_Legion_Felo'melornThis weapon was originally wielded by a guy named Dath’remar Sunstrider, who was a Highborne night elf.  He was kind of a weird night elf, though.  For starters, the name “Sunstrider” was really strange for a night elf name.  Also his hair was golden.  Ever seen a night elf with gold hair?  I didn’t think so!

The Highborne eventually got kicked out of Night Elf World for magic tomfoolery, and they ended up far away where they founded Quel’Thalas and became the high elves.  Anyways, Dath’remar had a weapon called Felo’melorn, which is Thalassian for Flamestrike.  This was handed down through his family to his grandson, Anasterian Sunstrider, and eventually ended up in the hands of his great-grandson, Kael’thas Sunstrider.


Reborn from the Ashes

See, during the Scourge Invasion in the Third War, Anasterian Sunstrider wielded this legendary artifact against Arthas in one-on-one battle, but unfortunately the blade could not withstand the might of Frostmourne, and it was sliced in half.  Kael’thas took the two pieces, reforged the blade himself, and guess what?  When he went to fight Arthas with it himself, the blade held. Felo’melorn was stronger when re-forged than it was originally… just like the elves themselves.

That’s the weapon that fire mages are gonna get in the expansion.  That whole story and legacy of at least ten thousand years.  And boy am I stoked that I’m leveling a blood elf fire mage right now.

So yeah.  Have a fire mage?  GET HYPED.

Not gonna lie, I’ve kind of been in love with this thing for a while.  Just a little bit.

phoenix petOne Last Thing

Someone got to my blog via the search term “how long ago was it that kaelthas went to outland?”  The correct answer is: lore-wise, it was about ten years ago.  Specifically, it was 22 years after the First War.  Hope that helps!

Summer Games Done Quick

Speedrunning fascinates me because it’s all about people who are way better at video games than I am.  I mean, I love video games and I’ve been playing them for about three decades, but I’m pretty sure I suck at them.  I’m also very slow at them.


So watching some of my favorite games get absolutely demolished in no time at all is just really fascinating and magical to me.

Enter Games Done Quick, which happens twice a year and gives donation money to charity!  If you’re not watching it yet, well, it just started about an hour and a half ago and it’s happening right here.  (Yoshi’s Island is getting destroyed right now, a game which I maintain is the greatest 2D platformer of all time). So if speedruns are your thing, come and check it out.  Even if speedruns aren’t your thing, check it out anyway.  Here’s the schedule so you can find a game you want to watch and then tune in at the right time– the schedule is super nifty and it should automatically match itself up to your time zone.

Gotta go fast!

I kind of miss healing. A teeny tiny bit.

Anyone here been around since the early days?  Aaaaanyone?  You there, in the back, maybe?

Well all two of you might remember my Wrath of the Lich King days when I was raiding on two characters.  A hunter (of course), and a healer druid.  I raided quite a bit on both and my druid was all kitted out in raid epics by the end of that expansion.

But then I rather unceremoniously retired her.  Mostly in protest of the removal of perma-tree-form.  And I haven’t healed anything since.  I kinda feel like I would have no idea what I was doing.

But yesterday I got nostalgic thanks to WotLK timewalking and logged into my druid.  She’s got the glyph that makes her a perma-tree and all the basics like Regrowth, Rejuvenation and Lifebloom still exist.

And I kiiiiind of almost miss healing.

Kind of.


Hey, I might even give it another whirl someday!  (Key word: “might”)

How IS healing these days?

Bad News: Beast Mastery is Broken. Good News: It’s Getting Fixed.

So as I mentioned in my last post, a bug went live with the patch meaning that Focus Fire quit working completely.  Oops.  Pretty bad for us Beast Masters, especially seeing as Focus Fire optimization is kind of a major chunk of our DPS.

The good news is that Blizzard is aware of this and a hotfix is in testing.  Granted, I have no idea when that’s actually going to go live in the game… but… official word is nice, yes?

In the meantime you may want to respec if you have to do some serious raiding (Marksmanship seems to be looking good), or, if you’re stubborn like me, just stick with it.



A Beast Master Hunter’s Guide to Proving Grounds on Endless

You asked for it, so here it is: A Beast Master Hunter’s Guide to Proving Grounds on Endless: 6.1 Edition!

Before I begin, I want to note that a.) this probably isn’t going to get you to round 9283643 or whatever, but it should get you to round 30, and b.) not all of what I say applies to raids/instances (although much of it does.)


I ran with this spec.  Some of these talents are more important than others.  A brief discussion on them:

Tier One: Narrow Escape is actually probably the least helpful talent here but I was too lazy to respec from it and frankly it made little difference in the end.

Tier Two: I like Intimidation as a backup Counter Shot; Wyvern Sting probably works well in that regard also.

Tier Three: Doesn’t matter as you won’t be taking damage.

Tier Four: Dire Beast helps provide necessary burst and is currently the highest DPS choice for Beast Masters out of this tier.

Tier Five: I opted for Crows here over Stampede because it’s on much shorter cooldown and things die quick enough that you can essentially use it non-stop.  With all your other bursty tools at your disposal you should not need Stampede for this.  I can see Blink Strikes as being a potential option  but this guide was written with Crows in mind.

Tier Six: Barrage is the best for burst, AoE and overall DPS.

Tier Seven: Adaptation is far and away the best DPS choice in this tier.


Repair, buff up (the grummle provides buff food or you can use your own), use a flask if you want.  Do note that certain buffs (augmentation runes, for example) don’t work here.

Make sure your pet is spec’d for Ferocity and set to Assist.

Turn on Aspect of the Cheetah; nothing should be hitting you throughout this entire encounter.

Turn on Trap Launcher, if it isn’t on.


Get in the habit of moving around a lot (in fact in many rounds you will essentially always be running) and of tossing an explosive trap in the center of the room between rounds for some free bonus damage.

The first ten rounds will repeat endlessly, albeit with slightly higher enemy health each time.  So round one is the same as round 11, 21, 31 etc.


Mecha-Blast Rocket.  It drops from Blingtron gift boxes and does serious damage in a pinch.  Shhhh!  (I did do the achievement without using any of these, so don’t think they’re required.  But hey, I can’t say they aren’t without their uses.)


Round One:

You will have a group of small enemies in the center and three larger ones around them.  None of them do anything special and you should be able to take all of these guys down in about 30 seconds between Crows, Bestial Wrath and Dire Beast on the big guys and a Barrage and a couple of multishots on the little guys.

Round Two:

Before this round I run towards the back of the room (opposite of the entrance) because that is where the healer will spawn.  Take him out first, interrupting him with a Counter Shot as soon as you see him begin to cast his heal.

An Amber-weaver is going to launch globules around; these stun you for a long time if they hit you but if they hit another NPC then they cause that NPC to take double damage.  For this reason I tend to take them out last because the globules can be useful.  Keep moving in order to avoid those globules and take out the big guys.  Remember to stay behind them when they put up their shield.

A banshee will show up halfway through this round and if you don’t kill her within ten seconds the entire thing ends, so I save a burst for her (typically Barrage).

Round Three:

I open this round with a Barrage on all the little guys in the center.  Then I focus on the Banana-tossers one at a time with Crows and Dire Beast (not BW yet, for reasons that I will detail in a bit.)  Remember to keep moving because if a banana hits you it will kill your hit rate for several seconds.

Once the banana-tossers have been dealt with pop a Bestial Wrath for the cheaper focus costs and then proceed to spam multishots.  Between all your multishots and the resulting Beast Cleaves all the little guys should drop like flies.

Round Four:

A Berserking buff will spawn here but frankly I never need it on this round so if you don’t need it either then feel free to save it for later, more difficult rounds.  This is a fairly straightforward if DPS intensive wave.  Keep Crows up on whatever you are attacking at all times and don’t stop moving and trying to maneuver the amber globules into the big guys.  A banshee does spawn halfway through so keep a burst saved up for that (again, my preferred burst on a banshee is Barrage.)

Round Five:

You will have a VERY big guy in the center, plus a healer and a banana-tosser.  Ignore the big guy for now – he has a shield up anyway – and destroy the healer (remember to interrupt!) and the banana-tosser.  Begin work on the big guy, but save your cooldowns for now.  At some point you will get a banshee, which you can Barrage away, and soon after it’s dead the big guy’s shield should fall.  Unleash all your cooldowns on him and he’ll go down really quick.

Round Six:

As soon as this round begins toss a freezing trap on one of the healers – it doesn’t matter which one – and kill the other one.  Whether you focus on the other healer or the little guys in the middle next is up to you; the little guys in the middle go down fast with AoE (barrage + multishot/beast cleave) and the healers go down quick with Crows, Dire Beast and sustained DPS.

You do get another berserking buff here – again, I save it.

Round Seven:

Personally I find this to be the most difficult of any of the rounds.  There is a lot of DPS required to get through it all in a minute.  If you’re having trouble with it, don’t be afraid to use one of the berserking buffs that you’ve saved up.  There is no real secret to this round other than kill everything as fast as you can, keep Crows up nonstop, use Barrage when you can (there are no banshees in this round) and try to use the Amber Globules to your advantage.  Remember to keep moving or the bananas will get you.

Round Eight:

This round is deceptive – it looks simple to begin with, but there are three banshees that will show up later on to mess you up.  Open by disposing of the healer right away and then beginning work on the other guys.  This is usually when the banshees start showing up so save your cooldowns for them.  These ones last fifteen seconds rather than ten, but they also have more health, so stay on your toes.

Round Nine:

This is another DPS intensive round and there is a banshee that pops up halfway through so have Barrage ready to go.  Save the Amber-Weaver for last so you can use the Amber Globules on the big guys, and watch out for the banana-tosser.

Round Ten:

Patchwerk but with a twist: you need to save all of your cooldowns for the end.  Don’t worry about healers, bananas or banshees, this one is just you and the big guy.  Maintain a basic rotation (Cobra Shots, Kill Commands and Arcane Shots, plus your first Dire Beast) for the first ~38 seconds of the fight and then when you see that he only has a couple of seconds left on his shield pop EVERYTHING.  Trinkets, Bestial Wrath, Barrage, Crows, Dire Beast et al.  BM is a bursty enough spec that you should be able to get him down in time without using a Berserker buff but I like having one up at this point anyway… just in case.

After you beat this guy you will get a bonus ten seconds before the next wave of ten rounds begins, so give yourself a breather, and if Round Ten was actually Round Thirty – congratulations on your shiny new title!


So yeah.  That’s how I did it, and that’s how you can do it too! Remember – it’s probably going to take practice and determination.  But I believe in you!  If I did it, then you can do it too.  Best of luck!

Why Do I Want Flight in Draenor? It’s a Matter of Time.

The debate for flight in Draenor continues to rage, and the debate has even spread into dubious “They should just [do this] so people can stop whining” territory.  I am not here for a debate, nor am I here to dismiss anyone’s concerns as whining.  I am here to tell you why I support flight in Draenor, as I haven’t seen any official talk on this particular aspect by Blizzard:

Put simply – time is money, friend.

Fashion-Chic-GoblinI would like to be able to fly in Draenor because it would save me five or ten minutes on Apexis dailies and five or ten minutes doing those Harrison Jones repeatable quests.  I know, I know, that may not seem like a lot.  But let’s say you’re saving, on average, ten minutes a day.  That’s 300 minutes a month.  That’s five hours that could be spent raiding, playing alts, playing other games, watching Netflix, or any number of other things.  And I feel like ten minutes a day is at the lower end of the spectrum.

For those of us who started playing WoW in our college days, well… most of us are “all grown up” now.  We have other responsibilities.  Dumping an extra few hours into one game may not have been a huge deal back when we were younger.  But now?  Time is rare, time is valuable, and time is precious.  I could write a few freelance articles in those five hours and get paid for them.  Time is money.

And that, in a nutshell, is why I support flight in Draenor.  It really wasn’t a huge deal to me when I was still leveling, but now… come on, Blizzard.  It’s almost patch 6.2.  Listen to the goblins.  They are wise.

PUMPING UP With Hans and Franz

I imagine I’m late to the party here, but apparently there is a boss fight in Blackrock Foundry starring Hans and Franz.

And guys.  Guys.  This fight is the most fun I’ve had in a raid since I don’t even KNOW when.  Like, there’s a conveyor belt?  And there’s stuff coming down from the ceiling to smash you?  And there’s terrible Austrian accents?  And you’re running around dodging stuff and trying to keep up but it never gets overly annoying and is just fun the entire time??



Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Back In Game

1. I don’t know.

2. I’ve lost control of my life.

3. I have nothing better to do.

4. It’s a nice game for alt-tabbing to work on my freelance stuff.  Like you can idle in some city or get on a flight point while writing.

5. So I can experience the WoD content with my fiance. (Did I mention that I’m engaged?  I forget.)

6. Because the “My Blood Elf Boy Is Getting An Updated Hi-Res Booty” patch is next week.

7. ????

8.  ¯\_(?)_/¯

9.  Because it’s actually a pretty relaxing game to play.

10. So I can write inane blog posts and irritate and/or alienate all of my former readers.  Hi guys!