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Why Do I Want Flight in Draenor? It’s a Matter of Time.

The debate for flight in Draenor continues to rage, and the debate has even spread into dubious “They should just [do this] so people can stop whining” territory.  I am not here for a debate, nor am I here to dismiss anyone’s concerns as whining.  I am here to tell you why I support flight in Draenor, as I haven’t seen any official talk on this particular aspect by Blizzard:

Put simply – time is money, friend.

Fashion-Chic-GoblinI would like to be able to fly in Draenor because it would save me five or ten minutes on Apexis dailies and five or ten minutes doing those Harrison Jones repeatable quests.  I know, I know, that may not seem like a lot.  But let’s say you’re saving, on average, ten minutes a day.  That’s 300 minutes a month.  That’s five hours that could be spent raiding, playing alts, playing other games, watching Netflix, or any number of other things.  And I feel like ten minutes a day is at the lower end of the spectrum.

For those of us who started playing WoW in our college days, well… most of us are “all grown up” now.  We have other responsibilities.  Dumping an extra few hours into one game may not have been a huge deal back when we were younger.  But now?  Time is rare, time is valuable, and time is precious.  I could write a few freelance articles in those five hours and get paid for them.  Time is money.

And that, in a nutshell, is why I support flight in Draenor.  It really wasn’t a huge deal to me when I was still leveling, but now… come on, Blizzard.  It’s almost patch 6.2.  Listen to the goblins.  They are wise.