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By the Way! I’m Back. Sort of.

It’s occurred to me that I’ve announced this pretty much everywhere BUT here, so I thought I’d announce this here in case you’ve missed it and are interested…

*clears throat*

I have a new video game oriented blog, called The Android’s Closet. (Yes, it’s like my fourth or fifth blog. I know, I know.) This is not WoW-centric (or any other game -centric) by any means, but unless I make a truly serious return to WoW in the future, any future WoW rambles will probably be over there and not over here.

Oh, and! The blog is being co-written by me and one Mister Adequate, aka “The New Boy” (long and lovely story, that! But I digress), so be sure to say hello to him if you do decide to swing by!

Anyways, that’s about it! You’re welcome to follow me over there if you’d like to continue watching me filibuster at length about various games– I’d love to see you! If not, thank you for being here and reading and following along with my WoW adventures for all these years. I can’t say whether or not this particular blog will return, but my memories of both the game and this blog are fond ones and won’t be forgotten.

[insert obligatory “Aliens” reference about hypersleep here]


I have been slowly (slowly) meandering my way across Azeroth inbetweeen work and NaNoWriMo and other things, and yesterday I wound up in Darkshore, specifically, the ruins of Auberdine.

The whole town is recognizable, but completely wrecked. Familiar NPCs lie dead on the ground, the flight master and her hippogryphs among them. Bridges and buildings are smashed and this super depressing music plays and among the wreckage are these level 15-ish elementals drifting around, and my first thought upon seeing this scene was “REVENGE” and I had this sudden urge to go around and kill. all. the. elementals. for doing this to this town that was so much a part of my WoW past.

But I restrained the urge, because then I thought… that’s silly, right? It’s just a game… right?

So I sort of paused there in the middle of the destroyed town while I went AFK for a moment, and when I came back I wasn’t alone. There was another level 80 Night Elf Hunter there staring at me. She /greeted me, so I /saluted.

Then she turned around, and promptly began destroying every single blasted elemental in the town.

So I joined her.

It felt good.

Dear Jocee of Sen’jin

It’s not often that you meet someone that is

  • awesome at DPS
  • unfailingly friendly and supportive through not one, but two PuGs otherwise consisting of equal parts fail and QQ/whining, and
  • willing to kill themselves, with no compunctions about it, so they can show the dead huntard who hasn’t played in months where the entrance to Pit of Saron is.

Thanks for being that person.

I don’t know if you realized that whispering me boss strats or level headed encouragement amidst all the bawww’ing that was going on in /group would make my morning, but it did. So, thank you. <3

False Alarm

As it turned out I picked the worst time ever to return to WoW/Blogging. I am going to be moving at the end of the month (nowhere exciting; just the dawning realization that “moving back home” makes the best financial sense when you are trying to find a new job) and the next few weeks will be spent packing/cleaning/etc., not to mention working on the book that I am still working on. As such, don’t expect any blogging miracles for a little while. C’est la vie.

*taps mic* This thing on?

Can you hear me in the back?



So folks, here’s the deal. The Boy wants to play alts with me and bought me a game card to prove it. As such, as of a few days ago, I am back in WoW. I do not know for how long. I do know that I want to be Super Casual– I still have too much to focus on outside of game not to be. I have no real plans to raid right now or really do anything outside of leveling alts with The Boy as an occasional social activity. (And dink around in Wintergrasp, which I have never done before, but is far more fun than I expected.)

As such, I have not yet determined whether or not I’m going to return to updating this blog. I am having tons of fun over at my new blog, as the freedom to write about whatever-strikes-my-fancy is exhilarating. If I do eventually choose to rez this blog, I imagine it will really only be for the rare occasional Really Hilarious PuG Story or something. I don’t think I have it in me to write much in the way of hunter guides when all I’m doing in game is leveling my warlock and feral druid, or getting the vehicles as soon as I possibly can in Wintergrasp *cough*

Nah, just wanted to give you all a headsup because I figured it was only a matter of time before somebody realized that my Armory profiles were suddenly mysteriously being updated again.

As a parting gift for reading, have a Lady ChuChu!:

<3 you guys! -Pike

Be Vewwwy Quiet…

We’re hunting clockwork hares!

So yeah, is my “new blog”, wherein I will ramble about whatever strikes my fancy. Originally I was going to make a separate blog for Linux rambles, but frankly a.) getting a blog all set up takes a surprisingly long time, and b.) my Linux rambles tend to be less techie and more pseudo-philosophical anyway, so might as well just throw it all into one Big Blog.

You can subscribe to it if you like, or you don’t have to and you can just wait around here for my return, whichever strikes your fancy!

Don’t think of it as me leaving… think of it as Summer Vacation at the hunter school.

*turns out the lights and bangs the chalkboard erasers together*

Every New Beginning…

…comes from some other beginning’s end. ( – Seneca. Or Semisonic. Whichever…)

The account has expired, and I’m done with World of Warcraft for the foreseeable future. Having done everything I needed to do on my “mains” last night, I was actually in the process of going around and double-checking my lesser-played alts today for any rogue items in their mailboxes when I was kicked off of the server.

So wait, you’re coming back, right? When?

I’ve hesitated to say for certain one way or another because I don’t want to make any guarantees. At best I want to give myself a few months to get things sorted out. If needs be I’ll wait until Cataclysm and see how things are looking then. Let’s just give it the ol’ Blizzard “Soon“™

What about the blog?

As I said, I will keep blogging. Probably in more than one place, because apparently I’m an addict like that (or a masochist, take your pick.)

I’ve thought about it for a bit and although I initially figured I’d just keep blogging here, I think I’d rather leave Aspect of the Hare “as is”. That way, people who want to continue linking to me for guides and the like can do so without worrying about people having to wade through non-WoW stuff. Plus, if/when I come back, I can just jump right back in to a ready-to-go WoW-themed blog.

What I’m probably going to do is set up a couple of subdomains here and then when they’re all set I’ll make another post linking you all to them. Gimme a couple days and I’ll get back to you!

Also, if you have a LiveJournal account and want to read my somewhat less-structured and more non-sequitor rambles I don’t mind if you friend me over there, either.


Will continue, send ’em my way! I’d like to think the fabled “Sitemeter Avatar Contest” will continue in some fashion also, though we’ll have to wait and see how things go once I get my “New Blog” all set up.

And now, roll credits:

Thank you…

…to BRK and Lassirra, without whom I would never have started blogging. Your blogs were inspirations that got me excited about the WoW-o-sphere and taught me how to play a hunter in the first place.

…to the WoW Twitterati for giving me one epic chatroom to rant, laugh, cry, and joke in, to bounce ideas off of, and inspire me to do crazy things like draw pictures or write books. I’ll still be around, don’t worry.

…to my guild, Order of the Rose, for being made of at least ten types of awesome. For dragging me around to their alt runs when I was an undergeared nub and then tossing me head first into their 25mans and hard modes, for passing gear and weapons to me, and for pulling together special raids just for me so I could get my Champion of the Frozen Wastes title– on not one, but two characters. For not just “letting” me raid as Beast Mastery, but for flat-out encouraging and challenging me to do so. Every outcast, non-flavor-of-the-month player should be so lucky.

…to my guild in Burning Crusade, the now-defunct but never-forgotten Entelechy. This is going to sound dorky and cheesy to the Nth Degree, but ya know what, I’m gonna say it anyway: you guys are some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I love that a good number of us have kept in touch outside of the game, via our forum or our nightly AIM chats, which is awesome because I know a lot of us have quit playing. I think back to the best memories I have of this game– Karazhan, countless Heroic Mech runs, opening all the graves in Zul’Farrak when we were all level 45, marching in on the Caelestis Templares’ cathedral twenty-strong– and I wasn’t doing it alone, but with you guys. May there always be Five Seconds to Evocate on Curator and may “Thundercats, Ho!” always ring through the hall before Shade of Aran.

…to Blizzard, for, well, making the game to begin with. I’ve been a BlizzHead since StarCraft stole my heart away in 1999, and it’s you guys and Nintendo more than anybody that have instilled a love of gaming in my soul. Being a citizen of Azeroth these past three years has been an honor and privilege. You guys are masters of making living, breathing worlds and characters. I was trying to emulate that solid real-ness when I was writing my book and inventing my own fictional world and characters, and if I was even half as successful as you with it, then I think I’m good. And if my book ever ends up published and with even a modicum of success then I’ll owe you a grateful hat tip.

…and finally, to my readers, for being the best readers that any blogger could ever hope for. It’s been almost three years of blogging and I can count the number of truly negative comments that I’ve received on one hand. And it’s because you guys are all amazing and mature and here to contribute to this little community. I have read every single comment ever posted here– every single one– and I wish I could go through and name names one by one and thank you all individually but it would take too long. Suffice to say if you have ever commented here I consider you a friend. Thank you for making me a part of your lives. I really didn’t deserve it.

If you’re going to follow me along to the rest of my blogging adventures, then I very much look forward to seeing you there. If not, it’s been a pleasure and I can only hope that something I said at some point made you smile or made you think. And I hope to see you again should I return.

Before I logged off of my characters last night, I tried to make sure I logged off appropriately. Tawbree, for example, is astride her new Epic Fiery Horse cause I did in fact manage to hit level 40. Tamaryn is in tree form, dancing away, with both trinkets activated and all of her HoTs ticking on herself.

And Tawyn pulled out Tux, her very first pet ever, and went on a little road trip. She went to Teldrassil, where it all began; she went to Azshara and explored the entire thing– including even more things I’d never seen before!– and then… then, she went home.

Bestial Wrath’d right before I logged out. That way she’ll be Bestial Wrath’d out there in Pixel-Land until I come back, and if I don’t come back, she’ll be Bestial Wrath’d until the servers go down.

I thought it was a nice touch.

Long past were the days when Medivh’s tower was much of a threat and adventurers flocked to the pass to donate their skills to the cause, but the few Violet Eye delegates that were holding out there did see the occasional visitor.

Archmage Alturus was on a first name basis with a few of these visitors, the night elf Tawyn being one of them.

“Back again, are you?” he asked, eyebrow raised.

“Ayep,” Tawyn replied tersely as she dismounted.

“What keeps drawing you here, really?” The Archmage was genuinely curious. “The time is past that we really needed you…”

Tawyn blinked. He may as well have asked her why fish swam and why birds flew. “Maybe it’s the ley lines under the place. I dunno. You don’t ask the gulls why they return to the sea.” She shrugged.

“Fair enough,” the mage replied. “And we could always use good scouts, I suppose. You never know if something new might pop up in there.”

“Good. I’m goin’ in.”


“I’m never alone.”

It was then that Archmage Alturus saw the big gray owl with yellow eyes perched nearby in the shadows. As if in response, he took wing now and alighted on Tawyn’s shoulder as she opened the front gate. She stood there a moment, gazing inside, her eyes clouded a bit as if distracted. “We aren’t getting any younger I suppose, are we, Tux?” she murmured.

Tux hooted something in response and then the hunter and her owl went inside.

I Suck at Professions

My department manager at work– who is in my guild– is really awesome at professions. He has pretty much every profession ever spread across his alts, he sends billions of stacks of raw materials to a central bank so they can all share them, and he’ll have something leveled to 300 by the time his toon is level 22. Seriously. He just rocks those professions.

Me… not so much.

Now, I DO have a love affair with herbalism/alchemy. I love it. I love having buffed and long-lasting potions/flasks (though I miss when flasks lasted four hours /pout), I know herbs like the back of my hand, and I’ve never felt that this was a difficult profession combo to level.

Everything else though… yeah.

Lunapike was leatherworking/skinning until I got bogged down in the 150-range of leatherworking and dropped it for herbalism and turned her into a pure farming machine. The same exact thing happened to Tamaryn, my druid, except I never picked up a second profession. Eventually I dropped it for mining but got tired of running around Arathi Highlands looking for nodes. Recently I was inspired to make another attempt at leveling leatherworking but I’m stuck again, around 190-ish. I don’t know why it’s such a big stumbling block. It just IS. I’m not going to spend five billion gold on Heavy Leather and I don’t feel like going out and farming it when there are more fun things I could be doing with my time, you know?

Althalor was doing pretty good with Enchanting for a while. Then I started to fail again. I think he’s sitting at 155 or so. At level 60. u_u

I am off to a good start with Tawbree, though. She’s tailoring/enchanting and I think I’m actually managing to keep up thus far. 154 Enchanting/135 Tailoring — not bad for a level 36 character. I think a lot of it is because my leveling strategy with her is “Queue up for LFG, then sit around in Stormwind working on professions until I get a group, rinse and repeat.” And I get a lot of ‘chanting mats doing nothing but instances. Of course, I’ve probably jinxed myself now… hrmm.

A lot of other people say that you shouldn’t worry about professions until later or what-have-you. I dunno, I kind of like them. I think they could be much better implemented/integrated, but they add a fun aspect to the game. And I’m really jealous of people like my department manager who has one of EVERYTHING. Gawsh.

I apologize I haven’t been writing much in the blog lately. I’ve been doing a lot of non-WoW things lately– mostly writing and drawing. I think my art may actually be improving (instead of stagnating) for the first time in years, so that’s got me excited. Speaking of art, I’ve opened up commissions for things-that-aren’t-just-avatars, so if you always wanted a cutesy Pikestyle full-bodied portrait of your character, head on over to the Commissions Page for info.

And yes, it’s February and I’m still working on my NaNoWriMo novel. (In the middle of the editing/rewriting stage at this point.)

Good News, Bad News

Good News: I was going to go to Icecrown Citadel for the first time tomorrow!

Bad News: My hard drive seems to have exploded.

Good News: I have my laptop!

Bad News: My laptop cannot play WoW.

Good News: Once I get a new hard drive I’ll get to install Linux and that means spending a good few caffeine-, frustration-, and thrill- filled days tinkering with it, and like the geek I am, I really enjoy doing that.

Bad News: Between that and fifty bazillion patches, it’ll be a little while before I have WoW access again.

Good News: I can at least blog up some RP stories and the like, right?

Four Good News points to three Bad News points. I’m gonna look at this from the bright side, then. I need a new hard drive anyway, it wasn’t particularly sizable and over time it became filled with more bad blocks than a satanic Lego factory.

…do not question my choice of comparison.

Looking Back at a Year O’ Pike

I decided to go back through aaaallll my blog posts and see what I did this past year. Here’s what happened, in a nutshell:

January 2009:

The remnants of Pike’s old and exploded guild < Entelechy > coalesced into < Friend Ship > a few months prior and because it’s a tiny baby guild we’re mostly PuG’ing stuff. At this point I was in Naxx25 PuGs with Tawyn, topping the Patchwerk meters in blues with endless Steady Shot spam. Pike misses her shot weaving. She welcomes the impending Beast Master nerfs despite the fact that she never spec’d into BW/Readiness because she found it to be rather inane and cheesy.

Beast Mastery is nerfed hard; I march into VoA the next day and score second on Recount.

Still, I was feeling self-conscious, so I spent a few days plinking around with Survival and Marksmanship. Saw a Big Fat DPS Decrease with Survival and just plain didn’t enjoy it. Marksmanship was more fun and I stuck with that for a few days before going back to Big Red BM, nerfed or not. At the end of the month I decided I missed my raptor, Wash, a pet which I’d had long ago and then released for various reasons, so I went out to re-tame him. He would be my companion for the rest of the year.


February 2009:

Pike rolls a paladin who quickly gets to level 20-something before she gets distracted again.

I’m still PuG’ing Naxx. I rant multiple times about dying on Heigan.

I’m also PuG’ing heroics, leading to a couple of fun times in LFG.

I make a “quilt” out of pictures of my pets that I had at the time across all most of my hunters. Looking at the picture now, it’s rather oudated, but I still like it.


March 2009:

My little guild starts doing Naxx every Saturday afternoon. At that point I was working every Saturday afternoon. I won’t deny I felt miserable being left out as they cleared it week after week while I struggled along in PuGs, but I tried to make the most of it. In one of those PuGs I survived Heigan for the first time ever in smashing fashion, and another led to what, out of all the blog posts I’ve ever written, is quite possibly my very favorite. In addition, I fell in with a guild called < Song of Chu > that was raiding on my days off and I did quite a few Naxx runs with them and even made a Hunter Guide Movie in one of their runs.


Eventually I requested a Saturday off from work specifically so I could raid with my guild and I finally cleared Naxx.

I still missed Karazhan, though. A couple of friends and I went back there for kicks. Then my druid ding’d 70 doing the Karazhan key questline.

April 2009:

I drew a picture that I’m still quite proud of.

I started tinkering with Survival again, mostly because I was tired of having mana issues. The spec change didn’t last long, though.

3.1 hits; Beast Mastery is semi-buffed. I’m still puttering around in Naxx PuGs.

I decided to see what all the hype was about and I tamed a wolf. I became quite attached to him, but he was no Big Pink Raptor.


May 2009:

I walk around the world as a rabbit, just for kicks and giggles.

I miss chain trapping.

While the rest of the world is in Ulduar, Pike goes to Black Temple.


June 2009:

I write up a whole series on Doing Naxx As a Hunter.

My guild is slowly dissolving as friends go off to join raiding guilds and we opt to stick to a chat channel and AIM chatrooms to maintain ties. So for the first time in a long time, Tawyn becomes guildless.

Because all I’m doing at this point is leveling my druid and occasionally PuG’ing Naxx, I decided I needed something more interesting to write about so I start a Grand Spec Project where my aim was to really learn the other two hunter specs. My verdict was that I still royally sucked at Survival and I still didn’t like it. Marksmanship again proved itself as being pretty darn fun, though, and became my official Alternate Spec.

The end of the month is pretty exciting: my druid hits the bit Eight-Oh, becoming my first non-hunter character ever to reach endgame, and I go on some solo’ing shenanigans with Tawyn.

I also play much with my druid’s stealth in the name of epic Photo Ops.


July 2009:

I decide it’s time to start looking for a new guild but I don’t actually do anything about it for a while. So, not much happens this entire month. I’m playing low-level Hordies and the like. I wrote some good posts, though.

I released my wolf so I could snag myself a turtle and attempt to solo Attumen in the name of a necklace which has never dropped. (Guys, I did it two days ago with a couple friends. IT STILL HASN’T DROPPED.)


At the very end of the month I decided I really was tired of being guildless this time, went to the Silver Hand forums, found the first “Recruiting!” thread I could find and applied. The guild was called “Order of the Rose”. Sounds nice enough right?

August 2009

The month starts out on a high note when Order of the Rose chucked Tawyn a guild invite.


In addition, my druid heals all of Naxx. In a random PuG, no less.

ToC is released literally the next day and Naxx is forever obsoleted. I’m glad the Tree got to see it first.

My Hordie Hunter hits 80!

My new guild starts dragging me around to all sorts of places, so Tawyn finally gets a title she probably should have had a long time ago, and suddenly she has Ulduar epics too.

September 2009:

The blog gets defaced and Pike is not a happy camper.

Kael’thas goes down, now that I finally have a tenacity pet.

And I talk about why guns and mechanostriders > bows and Barbie’s Princess Adventure kittycat mounts.


I rant about hunters who do not use their pet.

And I get a Super Cool Title of Win.


October 2009

I’m playing my druid a lot. Whee!

Tawyn, uh… isn’t feeling well.


< Order of the Rose > takes on Anuby. After a few weeks of false starts, we triumph.

I make a new hunter alt and walk all around the world to tame a Northrend pet at level 10.

I also talk about chemistry. One of my favorite posts of the year, probably.

November 2009:

The blog is infested with some sort of bug and after a day or so of trying to track it down I got frustrated and re-did the entire site from scratch. Not a particularly good start to the month, but hey!

Most of this month I actually took off from WoW in the name of National Novel Writing Month, which I won. Said book has since been finished and edited, by the way, although I still want to add some things and tighten up the story. We can all blame Krizzlybear and the rest of the Twitterati for getting me excited about NaNo and inspiring me to do it. (<3 Krizz) In my absence, my guild nails A Tribute to Insanity on 10-man. My only regret is that I wasn’t there to FRAPS it because from what I hear, it was epic. Much grats to them, though!

Also, WoW turns 5!


December 2009:

I talk about Alliance vs. Horde vs. Penguins. Another contender for “Favorite Blog Post of the Year”.

And because I like hunters and druids, I get even more to Outlands-level.

Aaaand… that pretty much takes us to where we are now. I haven’t stepped foot in ICC yet, but I’m no rush. I’m rather enjoying playing my BabyLock at the moment.

This has been a crazy year and it saw me take the grand leap from being a casual PuG’er to being a “raider”, which was a first. Now, onward to 2010 and Cataclysm and all that fun stuff! /charge