Dear Jocee of Sen’jin

It’s not often that you meet someone that is

  • awesome at DPS
  • unfailingly friendly and supportive through not one, but two PuGs otherwise consisting of equal parts fail and QQ/whining, and
  • willing to kill themselves, with no compunctions about it, so they can show the dead huntard who hasn’t played in months where the entrance to Pit of Saron is.

Thanks for being that person.

I don’t know if you realized that whispering me boss strats or level headed encouragement amidst all the bawww’ing that was going on in /group would make my morning, but it did. So, thank you. <3

3 thoughts on “Dear Jocee of Sen’jin”

  1. I love friendly puggers 😀 They almost make up for the torrent of shit ones :>

  2. Dear Jocee of Sen’jin

    Thanks for taking care of my dear ol’ Pikey. She’s going through some patches both in the game and out, and the very tiniest acts of kindness such as yours go a long way. Never change! <3


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