4 thoughts on “Party Pike Is In the Blog Tonight”

  1. There’s a scene in “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”, the seminal 1986 comic book miniseries which changed the world forever, etc., where the Joker first learns that Batman has returned to action after a 10 year hiatus. Up to this time, the Joker has been semi-catatonic, or something like that, almost not responding to any outside stimuli. Once he hears the news though, his impassive visage slowly breaks into a wide smile, and he utters the word, “…darling.”

    …okay. That’s rly creepy. BUT: imagine a much happier, saner, version of that, perhaps involving My Little Ponies, and that’s kind of the feeling I get whenever those brief periods of you or BRK returning to WoW come to pass. In other words, welcome back again. Azeroth is a much better, fuller place with you and Tawyn in it. =)

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