Be Vewwwy Quiet…

We’re hunting clockwork hares!

So yeah, is my “new blog”, wherein I will ramble about whatever strikes my fancy. Originally I was going to make a separate blog for Linux rambles, but frankly a.) getting a blog all set up takes a surprisingly long time, and b.) my Linux rambles tend to be less techie and more pseudo-philosophical anyway, so might as well just throw it all into one Big Blog.

You can subscribe to it if you like, or you don’t have to and you can just wait around here for my return, whichever strikes your fancy!

Don’t think of it as me leaving… think of it as Summer Vacation at the hunter school.

*turns out the lights and bangs the chalkboard erasers together*

10 thoughts on “Be Vewwwy Quiet…”

  1. [Long and poorly spelled armory assassination of first troll including several logical fallacies and bad math.]

    [Forum sig left on by mistake]

  2. I think it makes perfect sense that Pikestaff the Hare evolved into Tawyn the Night Elf coz Hares and Night Elves are practically identical. They both have long ears, they both have cute tails, and they both love to hop & bounce 😉

  3. Wow Splat got pwned.

    What a coincidence that I also said goodbye to my hunter the same time you did. Promise you’ll write more about linux?

  4. i hate that i found your site AFTER you went on hiatus from wow. 🙁
    going back and reading your archives now, and hope to see you in Cataclysm!


  5. I’m sorry I missed your final (for now!) posts here, as I was on my own wow-hiatus at the time. I’ll genuinely miss your hunterly insight (until your potential return) and your stories. Also your art, and did I mention the stories?

    Good luck and fair weather, Pike! Hope to see you soon!

    *Durkon quickly leaves. No-one likes to see a grown Dwarf cry.

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