It was the best of times… it was the worst of times…

You wanna hear a story? Come gather round and I’ll tell you a story.

So there we are in Heroic Mech. By now we’ve got the thing memorized and we could run it in our sleep. We’re goofing off in Ventrilo and a couple of us aren’t even in Ventrilo cause heck, it’s just Heroic Mech, right?

…I think we took things just a wee bit too casually. We were dying left and right on random crap, we made about a million dumb mistakes, and worst of all, The Sword that Can Not Be Named managed to elude our poor tank for the thousandth time.

But amidst the chaos there was one high point to our otherwise horrific run.

Gatewatcher Iron-Hand
, a sort of mini-boss you fight after the first big robot guy. Ya know him? Him in all his “RAISES HIS HAMMER MENACINGLY” glory?

We’re fighting him and the tank dies when the boss is still at about, oh, 30% health or so. (Yeah I told you this was an off night. I swear we can do this heroic in our sleep when we’re trying. Honest!)

Tank is gone, we’ve got a holy paladin, a warlock, a rogue, and me and Locke. Boss comes charging to me first so I feigned out of it (I honestly thought we were all going to wipe in a matter of seconds) and he turns and heads towards the warlock, who proceeded to load him up with as many DoTs as he could before his inevitable death. By now I’d realized the group was still alive and kicking, and had jumped up pretty quickly and resumed pounding on the boss as best I could. This whole part here is mostly just a blur, all I know is that Locke tanked him for ten seconds or so before falling, and then the warlock died, and it was down to me, the pally, and the rogue with the boss still at about 15% health.

The rogue managed to keep him occupied long enough for us to chip him down even further until he was at about 10% health, and then there were two: me and the pally.

Now the pally wasn’t in Ventrilo at the time because he was watching a movie or something. So I heard myself shouting with my brain, hoping he could somehow catch the mental vibes: “BUBBLE TANK IT! BUBBLE TANK IT!!”

And he did. Bubbled and tanked the guy while I sat there and auto-steady-auto-steady’d (and ran around and arcane’d cause he kept moving)…

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the bubble ran out and our healer hit the dirt. I think at this point the boss was at about 4% or 5% health.

Tawyn vs. the world.

Bring it on.

He raised his hammer in the air menacingly…

…meaning he just stood there and didn’t move…

Pew… pew… pew… longest 4% of a boss in my entire life…





Killing Blow.

You’d better believe I danced on his corpse.

3 thoughts on “It was the best of times… it was the worst of times…”

  1. Intense.. those are by far the best wow moments. I’ll always remember first time in Maraudon years ago tanking the princess with my rogue the few last seconds. Seems petty now… but damn that was exciting back then.

  2. I’m leveling a Tauren Druid at the moment, got him to 33 the other night, and decided to solo the two RFK quests I had in my log. One was to collect a sampe of Bat Guano (don’t ask), the other was to kill Charlga Razorflank, RFK’s final boss.

    I Prowled into the Bat Cave and got my Bat Guano, then continued on to Charlga’s hut. I was a 33 Feral Druid, she was a 27 Instance Boss who has a penchant for repeatedly casting Chain Lightning.

    After a protracted fight where I shifted from Kitty to Tauren and back again (to Heal myself then resume the DPS) the fight ended with both of us low on Mana and me stuck in Tauren form, flailing away with my 2H Mace. It didn’t help that my 2H Mace skill was abysmally low. What did help is that Charlga is a Caster Boss so her Melee DPS wasn’t much better.

    The final seconds of the fight had us both regaining enough Mana to simultaneously cast Chain Lightning and Wrath, neither of which was enough to kill either of us, but which left us both with less than 100hp. I’d already quaffed a Healing pot and had even used an Engineering Bomb on her, and with no Mana and low Health we resumed the Melee.

    Thank Orion I did more Melee DPS than her but it was still an awfully close fight. Intense, draining, but a hell of a lot of fun 🙂

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