Faster, Healbot, Faster!

Back in the day, when my druid was level 55 or so, and my boyfriend would drag me around with his warlock, he’d do this thing where he’d Life Tap dangerously low and then say “FASTER, HEALBOT, FASTER!” as I spammed heals and tried to keep up with him.

Ya know, several months later, and I still hear it in the back of my mind sometimes…


Lemme tell ya, it’s weird to have “Champion of the Frozen Wastes” floating above a certain character’s head when you still feel like a noob to that particular class.

Not to mention:


My alt is in Ulduar. That may not be a big deal to some of you, but it’s fantastically surreal to me.

(Nothing dropped, of course, but hey.)

8 thoughts on “Faster, Healbot, Faster!”

  1. first!!! jk but i love reading your updates and guides, if you every get a chance look poisonhorn up on aggramar (US) that’d be great 😀

  2. @ Zhire – I <3 XPerl, I've tried others, but I keep coming back to XPerl. I'm a sucker for those big garish 3D animated portraits (you know, the ones that UI purists love to hate)

    @ Lupius - I think someone was DC'd or had to go or something... I can't fully remember... >.>

  3. Healing is fun, at least on any class but a paladin. If you want to fall asleep at your keyboard, roll a healadin. I recommend giving shaman healing a go. Seeing that yellow beam flying around is neat, but don’t expect to top healing meters over a druid (curse you HoTs) or disc priests (good lord they pack some potent single target heals). As soon as troll druids become available, you’ll see Shagrat the Tree (or boomkin) running around tossing out Wild Growths and Lifeblooms.

    And thank you for the avatar, it’s awesome! ^_^

  4. I’ve become an addict for a mod called Stuf, I tried using Pitbull instead of Xperl because I wanted to completely remove party frames. Hated Pitbull, tried this “stuf” mod I saw on some people’s UIs, love it, has the same flexibility as Pitbull and the lovely 3d animation portraits Xperl has 😀

  5. This is cruel but Ulduar is still just a dream for me. Cannot find any raiding teams that would want me as their hunter ;( (they already have enough of us) … sniff.
    But hey! At least others have this opportunity – it appears that you’ve had lots of fun in there and you actually made me want to return to my shammy healer (he’s still lvl68 at this point). If only I didn’t love hunter so much! 😀

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