Another One Down, Three To Go

CQ09ZlHUAAApwVWThe march to Outland Loremaster continues after finishing up Blade’s Edge.  In case you, too, are having trouble with Blade’s Edge Loremaster: wait until 70 (if you’re not) and then come back and do Ogri’la and Shatari Skyguard stuff.  That should get you there.

This means I have three zones left: Nagrand, Netherstorm, and Shadowmoon Valley.  Nagrand is by far the most difficult zone for Loremaster so far.  With most of the other zones I’ve done, you’d finish up all the quest hubs and have maybe four or five hidden quests to track down.  With Nagrand I have, like, 16 hidden quests to track down.

So yeah.

Never fear: I’ll figure it out and then pass all the juicy details along, to anyone out there who’s interested!

2 thoughts on “Another One Down, Three To Go”

  1. Congrats! My loremaster attempt died in the Blade’s Edge Mountains last year, trying to do the whole thing at level 67 or so with a rogue. It was quite a trial.

    I seem to recall being shy in Nagrand because of a series of quests that send you into Shadowmoon Valley and which you can only get at level 70.

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