The Things I Do For That Friggin’ Loremaster Achievement

So long story short I didn’t play Cataclysm.  I mean, I played it for about a month when it first came out, sure.  I leveled my then-main to 85, felt terribly underwhelmed by everything, and then logged out in quest reward greens, not to return for a long time.  This means I basically didn’t see any of the revamped vanilla stuff that Blizz made a big deal out of.

So, having been informed that some of it was actually good stuff, I’ve decided to do the Loremaster achievements.  On a max level character because that way I can fly.  Besides, I’m relatively certain a new character would outlevel all the zones before he or she could fully explore them, anyway.  Even without heirlooms.

And so, I sent Althalor out into the world to start doing all these fancy new quests in the fancy new revamped zones.

All well and good, yes?

Well, yes, until you get to quests that require you to “weaken,” not kill, the enemy.  Especially if these quests can’t be skipped if you want the stupid achievement.

How does a level 100 hunter such as myself deal with these quests?  Like so:

WoWScrnShot_031115_113452STEP ONE: Take off every last bit of your gear.
STEP TWO: Fly up into the sky.
STEP THREE: Dismount.
STEP FIVE: Revive at the Spirit Healer, thus eating the rez sickness.
STEP SIX: Use freaking explosive trap of all things because punching people with your bare fists still one-shots level 46s.

Why must your torment us so, Blizzard?  And why do I feel so compelled to do this in the name of a dumb achievement?

flat,550x550,075,fOh right.   Eheheh.

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