I feel that it has become a hallowed, if somewhat pathetic, Aspect of the Hare tradition that for every new expansion Pike resubs for a month or two and then unsubs until the next expansion.  This time around I’m a little behind because I don’t technically own Warlords of Draenor yet.  I do, however, currently have one month of subscription time thanks to a generous gift from a Twitter friend.

Logging in for the first time in several years was initially very disorienting, perhaps like returning to a building or town where you once spent a lot of time but then moved away from.  I kept my sessions short and to the point until I managed to acclimate to the new game after a few days.  And now I’m plinking around and doing Loremaster achievements and running old raids because there’s little else to do without the expac.

I will, in time, get the expac.  I will, in time, level up to 100 and I’m sure I will enjoy the journey.  And yet, somehow, I highly doubt that I will stay after that.

I can already hear you asking how I may know this.

I guess you could call it a hunch.

In many ways, I feel like I identify a lot with Scotty in the Star Trek TNG episode “Relics”.  In this episode Scott, the brilliant engineer from the Original Series, is revived in TNG’s future after being in stasis for 75 years.  He is eager to jump back into things and put his engineering prowess back to good use, but it turns out that too much has changed and that the skills he was once such a master at were now no longer needed.

He retreats to a recreation of the original Enterprise – “No bloody A, B, C, or D.” – in the holodeck, where he tells Captain Picard “There comes a time when a man finds he can’t fall in love again. He knows it’s time to stop. I don’t belong on your ship. I belong on this one. This was my home. This was where I had a purpose…”

Hunters have changed drastically and it no longer feels like the class I once knew and loved.  Any sense of rotation timing or finesse is simply no longer there for me.  It all feels like frantic button-spamming – just spamming Arcane Shot and then waiting for the next glowy yellow light to pop up and tell me what to press next.  It’s difficult for me to find that “zen” that I once had while playing the class.  And after many attempts and false starts through the years, I don’t think I can find it again.

I’m not here to put on nostalgia goggles or knock WoW, because Blizzard has in fact made a lot of good quality of life changes throughout the game.  Pet battles are fun.  Battletag was a good idea.  Putting toys into a toy box was a great idea.  Letting hunters have a ton of pet slots now is a blast.

But as Scotty said, “When I was here, I could tell ya the speed that we were travelin’ by the feel of the deck plates.” And I can no longer do that.  And I think Blizzard took a way a lot of the class mechanics that allowed me to do just that.

I could, of course, roll up a new class and start fresh.  See if I could fall in love with something brand new.  I’ve thought about it, and decided not to do it for a few reasons.  Firstly, I’ve been a hunter for so long that the thought of playing something else just feels weird.  Secondly, do I really want to fall in love again, and risk everything changing again the next time an expansion is released?

No – Scotty was right.  There comes a time when a Pike finds she can’t fall in love again.

And so, this will probably be my only blog post here for another two years or until Blizzard makes a new expansion.  Tawyn, Tux, Lunapike, Althalor, Tamaryn and all the others will get into a shuttlecraft and fly out into the great unknown.  Maybe someday they’ll be back in full battle regalia – but probably not.

To everyone who still enjoys the game and the class – I am genuinely happy for you, and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

To Blizzard – make it so gnomes can be hunters already.  Also, please offer legacy servers.

To the four or five people who still have me on their blog reader for some reason – I’m basically always on Twitter or Steam if you want to chat.

Live long and prosper!

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Did you know that Serpent Sting got a nice stealth buff?

Cause it did!

Serpent Sting’s damage has been increased by 100%, and its cost has been reduced to 15 Focus (was 25).

Huh. So between that and the recent Aspect of the (Iron) Hawk buff, hunter DPS is looking okay for me. I guess Powershot is borked, but I don’t use that one.

How are you guys holding up in game, friends?

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Yes, another post already!

I don’t think I worded my last post the way I wanted to. I knew it was kind of a wonky post as I was writing it but then I hit “Publish” anyway. Ah well. The ultimate point that I was trying to make is that for a player like me, the current rep system works, but what may work for me probably does not work for everyone. Furthermore I was trying to point out that, well, dailies have always been boring.

This is why we should fix the system entirely. Screw bandaid fixes. The whole idea of dailies needs to be scrapped, as far as I’m concerned. We need to come up with something new. I’m not sure what, though.

That’s where you come in.

The magic question is: how do we go about making a system that is okay for all tiers of players and also not boring? Or should we get rid of “gates” like that entirely?

What do you think?

Let’s fix this.

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Rep grinds can be a pain, sure, I understand! But I don’t get that people are quitting over them.

Do you remember back in Burning Crusade when you had to be Revered with a faction just to run that faction’s heroic? Yeah. Later they changed it to Honored, but still!

Remember Scryers/Aldors/Isle of Quel’Danas? That Isle of Quel’Danas got you all sorts of fancy purples. Scryers/Aldors was where you got certain inscriptions– shoulders if my memory serves me right. Other factions gave out other inscriptions based on rep.

Remember Sons of Hodir in Wrath? Man, those guys were a pain in the butt too.

Now here we are in MoP. You can get all of those inscriptions off of the Auction House– no rep needed. Instead we have a bunch of dailies/rep for gear. Now, there are two things that I think Blizzard could have done better here. First of all, there should be more turn-ins for rep. Think Sunfury Signets/whatever those Hodir things were called. I know Klaxxi has got something but those have a horrific drop rate.

Secondly I don’t think there should be a weekly cap on badges. I no longer play WoW for challenge (more on this later), but there are people who do, and they should be allowed to get as many badges as they want.

Other than those two gripes, I don’t have a problem with the current system. There are a ton of daily hubs, yes, but the alternative was that Blizz introduced one new daily hub each patch or something and then people would be crying about not having enough content at one time. It took me like a week and a half or something to get to Revered with Golden Lotus. That’s not bad. Personally I think that’s a perfectly reasonable rate of reputation gain.

So whilst I feel that the current system could use some improvements, I still don’t think it’s the end of the world as millions of posts on the official forums seem to be saying on a daily (LOL GET IT??) basis.

Cute cat picture to break up the wall of text. Move along.

Now I’m going to go back to the idea of challenge in WoW because it might make me biased on this whole dailies/rep grind situation, so I want to clear it up right now and admit that I’m coming at this from a different angle than everyone else is. I approach WoW as an inherently casual game. Yep. And no, that’s not an insult. It’s just the way I view things. If I want a really tough challenging video game I go play X-Com or Master of Orion 2 or something. Now that crap is unforgiving. That stuff will make you feel godly for making any sort of minor progress.

WoW is where I go to relax. It’s where I go to make cute blood elf boys look fancy with transmog and where I go to do farming and Tillers stuff and archeology. I am in no rush. I feel proud when I do a good job in an instance or solo some particularly tricky old raid boss or something but ultimately the game is a very forgiving one overall.

So because I am approaching the game from this standpoint, I am possibly biased when it comes to this sort of thing. Maybe I don’t understand raiders anymore. Maybe I don’t understand what it means to be “hardcore” in WoW anymore because I straight up quit raiding in WotLK. Maybe I’m not seeing it the way everyone else is seeing it. Who knows!

As far as I’m concerned, though, MoP is probably WoW’s best expac so far and, whilst dailies are a pain because they have always been a pain, I don’t think that MoP’s dailies are a particularly special case here. The expac is gonna be out for two years; spending a couple of weeks rep grinding just doesn’t bug me.

Okay! Time to go check on my farm! Stay chilly, free willies.

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Between the Demon Stalker Armor, Legionkiller, and the Shattered Sun Tabard, I can officially say I am done with transmog now.


Until I find something else that I want, of course.

I give it about five days, max.

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I’ve mostly been taking Mists of Pandaria nice and slow, as the pandaren themselves like to say. I’ve been inching my way through dailies and doing a couple of scenarios here and there and doing old content for transmog and unsuccessfully trying to convince myself that I don’t roleplay. *cough* I haven’t really focused on gearing or anything because I can always do that later, right?

Today, though, Mister Adequate and I tossed ourselves into a heroic just for fun. And we wound up with a Grade A Jerkball Healer who enjoyed telling us that we were the “worst DPS this expac” and other things even though there were no wipes or major issues. He also then promptly needed on things that he did not need and which would have been upgrades for Mister Adequate (Jerkball won the rolls, of course). Yes because obviously that’s how you help lower-geared players gear up! Nice logic there, broseph!

Anyways, then it got me wondering. Was I doing anything wrong? I knew my own DPS was low, but I figured it was just my gear. I can still hunter, right? I have been huntering since 2007, after all. Perhaps I had lost my magic touch? Perhaps I should hang up the gun right there and retire from Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged DPS forever?

Suddenly I had to find out.

I rushed off to the nearest training dummy and pounded away on it for about five minutes. I carefully weaved my shots and timed my cooldowns and watched my procs and my DoTs. Then I took careful note of Recount, and rushed off to a place I literally have not been to since I was raiding in early Wrath of the Lich King: FemaleDwarf.com, the Hunter DPS analyzer.

I loaded in my Armory, set my shots the way I was doing them, and hit “Update DPS”

Well, what do you know.

My recount is within ten DPS of what FemaleDwarf was telling me was my theoretical high.


So I can still hunter.

Something clicked inside me. I need to show all these jerkball PuGs exactly what the Worst DPS This Expac can do.

So I ran to the auction house. I spent about 5000g on every available MoP hunter enchant. I enchanted blues and greens; I didn’t care. Everything got enchanted. Then I bought a bunch of flasks. Then I went back to the training dummies.

My DPS has gone through the roof.

It’s time.

No More Mister Nice Pike.

Tomorrow everything gets reforged. It’s going to be beautiful.

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Hunter/mage vs. Sunwell? You betcha.

I FRAPS’d the whole fight but I figure I won’t toss the video up unless someone asks because it’s fairly uneventful. Honestly Felmyst was the most difficult fight in the entire raid for us to do. Huge props to Mister Adequate for mage’ing it up and finishing her off after I bit the dirt on that encounter.

Now we just need Hyjal and Black Temple and then it’s on to WotLK stuff!

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Random blog title has nothing to do with anything!

SSC and Tempest Keep are both down as we continue our two-man runs. My new main is starting to look pretty snazzy now, thanks to transmog.

Tier 5? Tier 5! Just need to get the chestpiece to drop now.

In other news I find it amusing that I now have to tag posts with Burning Crusade content as “classic WoW,” seeing as I invented that tag during Burning Crusade for vanilla stuff.

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Lately, myself and my other half, one Mister Adequate, have taken to going back to old content and duo’ing it. The twist is that we’re both pure DPS classes (hunter and mage) so we have to make do without heals and that sort of thing.

Some stuff we’ve done so far!

  • Everything left from Vanilla (Molten Core, AQ20/40, and BWL.  That gimmicky first boss of BWL can go step on a lego.)
  • Karazhan; a full clear took like thirty minutes. (Did I mention that Attumen FINALLY dropped that stupid necklace I’ve been wanting since TBC?)
  • Gruuls
  • Mags
  • 10-man Obsidian Sanctum, with all three drakes up.  Juuust barely.

Yes, that’s everyone dead. Boss included.

Things We’ve Tried But Haven’t Cleared Yet:

  • Sunwell Plateau, because the first boss is trolling us

We’re looking forward to doing the other 70 raids as well as giving 10man Naxx a shot.  I’m not sure if that one can be cleared with our hunter/mage setup, due to various gimmicky fights (Razuvious, I’m looking at YOU), but it’s worth a shot, at least.

We’re getting all sorts of fun transmog stuff, anyway, plus mmmm, all that delicious nostalgia.

Anyone else having fun with old content?

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Because so far Althalor is batting a hundred for running into this guy anytime he so much as pokes his head into Sholazar Basin.

Oh, I hit 90, by the way!

I still can’t believe I did it on a character that has never been my “main”, but that’s love and Warcraft, I suppose.

The Klaxxi are the best faction because they are mantids who are alpha as smurf and talk about their young maturing under the beating of a million wings and whatnot. Also, the Tillers stuff is ridiculously fun. That’s really all I’ve had time to mess with thus far. I wonder what’s next in store?

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