Helping Out

The other day I was logged into my Night Elf Tawyn, headed north up the road in Stranglethorn Vale to see if I could finish up a quest when I saw a level 10 Blood Elf ahead of me, running up the road as well. He waved at me, and I, being the sort to return kindness with kindness, reciprocated the gesture.

Not long after that, the poor guy was mauled to death by one of the tigers in the area.

I paused for a bit and sure enough he was back within a few minutes, doggedly continuing on down the road. Of course, it was only a matter of seconds before he was killed again.

A passing troll priest rezzed the guy, and this time I decided to do something myself as well. Namely, I hopped off my horse and began running along the road with the blood elf, pulling aggro off of him and disposing of the many monsters in this area that were eager to pounce on a level 10.

It was a long run, but up we went through Stranglethorn Vale, into Duskwood and through part of Westfall, with my trusty owl Tux and I successfully protecting him from countless deaths. Eventually, after many /thanks and /welcomes and /cheers all around, we got to Elwynn Forest, where he paused by the road and told me to /wait, and logged out.

A few seconds later I received a whisper from a level 65 human mage. He informed me that he was the blood elf, rode up to me and gave me a cash tip of some sixty-odd silver, and then promptly proceeded to pull out the Murky pet, his BlizzCon Murloc costume, and the picnic grill and hold a dance party in the middle of Goldshire, all the while singing “I am Murloc” at the top of his lungs.

Sometimes I love being the silly carebear player that I am!

(P.S. in case anyone was curious, the sole reason he wanted to go to to Elwynn on his Blood Elf was apparently just to amuse Goldshire. That is to say, he’d log into his alliance character, yell “BLOOD ELF!” and then log into the blood elf and run around as a lowbie and bug people. …heehee, yeah.)

Bwahaha. New Blog. (The Official Information Post)

So instead of constantly boring my friends on my personal journal (It’s over at LiveJournal) with the random things that happened to me on World of WarCraft, I’ve decided to start posting them here.

I guess a couple notes to start out with will be an adequate first post:

1.) The title… “Aspect of the Hare”… refers to two things. Firstly it refers to the “Aspects” that can be taken on by the hunter class to boost performance. Now, of course, there is no Aspect of the Hare in the game. But the hare is sort of my personal animal mascot… it has been for over ten years now, back when I first started showing up online on Redwall roleplaying boards. So yes, ’tis a nod to that.

2.) While we’re on the subject, I love hunters. It’s actually somewhat painful for me to play most other classes– though ‘locks, mages, and druids are all decently fun– but gosh, I’m a hunter. Half the time when I roll a new char I make it a hunter because I just don’t get tired of playing them. ^^

3.) I’m a bit of a nooblet. I didn’t start playing WoW until May 2007. So I’m not as chock-full of wisdom and experience as most other WoW-bloggers you’ll find. But that’s okay. This blog is mostly sort of a personal journal for WoW-things, rather than a commentary or teaching tool. However if you manage to find this journal to be a satisfactory commentary or teaching tool, that’s great too!

4.) I play WoW exclusively on Kubuntu Linux. Turns out you don’t need Windows or a Mac to play video games. ;] You just need a wee bit of computer knowledge and the ability to follow some simple directions. If you’re curious, I’ll point you in the direction of my other blog (specifically this post) and then direct you over to GetGnuLinux and MakeTheMove where you can get more information.

5.) Finally… if you have somehow stumbled across this blog and choose to read it for some reason… keep in mind that, as I said in point #3, this isn’t really supposed to be an in-depth commentary on World of WarCraft or anything… mostly it’s a personal journal chronicling my adventures in Azeroth which is open for anybody to read if they’re curious. I’m a casual as opposed to hardcore WarCrafter and having fun and exploring the game world is far more important to me than having the awesome gear. (Case in point: I play mainly on a roleplaying server.) So be kind to me ^^

Everyday I'm Huntering