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You Know You Might Be Pike If…

1.) You go crying to your boyfriend after a failed Naxx PuG about how much you miss Karazhan. That’s right, Karazhan. Because a raid simply is not a raid without Harpsichord music playing on the stairs. It just isn’t. (And honestly, judging by all the nostalgic comments suddenly popping up on Karazhan YouTube movies these past couple of weeks, I’m not the only one who feels this way.)

2.) A raid also isn’t a raid without pizza, and this has become so hardwired into you that a mere whiff of a Domino’s box makes you think of trash pulls.

3.) 3.0.8? ZOMGSQUEE SHOT ROTATIONS! Arcane Shot! <3 No more Steady spam! What's that you say, nerfs? Oh, right, yeah, that too. ...OMGSQUEE SHOT ROTATIONS! 4.) You have convinced everyone around you that you don't need the Spirit Beast and have almost convinced yourself of that same thing, when you suddenly feel this urge to fly in circles around Sholazar Basin for three hours, "looking for herbs". And speaking of herbs... 5.) You are an alchemy freak. 6.) And you make really dorky Fullmetal Alchemist jokes in /guild or Ventrilo anytime you transmute something. 7.) And you think a screenshot of a gnome doing said transmutation while standing next to an Arcane Guardian would be the funniest thing of all time.

8.) You can’t decide whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing that your third attempt at playing a paladin… might actually result in something this time.

9.) You find it mind-numbingly hilarious that said stoic paladin is currently wielding a Kobold Mining Shovel. “I AM THE DEFENDER OF THE LIGHT AND ALL THAT IS HOLY. AND DIRT.” /whack

10.) You regularly inform Trade Chat that there are no girls on the internets.

11.) Expansions may come and go, but guild in-jokes are forever.

12.) You forego things like “2000 DPS unbuffed” in your LFG note in favor of “I have freezing traps and cookies <3". 13.) And it works and gets you into groups. 14.) Your Serpent Sting brings all the rogues to the yard. 15.) One of your hunters has tamed three different skins of the same cat model.

16.) You enjoy pointing out to people that you think a lot of the music in game was inspired by Gustav Holst and subsequently sensing those people give off “tl;dr” vibes.

17.) You say things like “oh my heck”, “oh snap” and “goshdangit” on Ventrilo during wipes.

18.) You take roughly five minutes to give profound and heartfelt apologies to the group anytime one of your traps is resisted.

19.) Anytime somebody in guildchat/Trade Chat/et al asks some question about hunters and you launch into a dissertation about it, your boyfriend cries out “NOOOO DON’T GET HER STARTED!”

20.) You are supposed to be packing for your impending move, but are writing this list instead.

Pike Has No Class

(Shamelessly stolen from a couple other blogs)

Pike rolled a druid. She Wrathed and Moonfired her way up to about level 5 and then got bored and quit. Several months later she rolled another druid. This time she got to level 10 and got Bear Form! Then she got bored and quit. Another several months later she rolled a third druid, somehow managed to get to level 15ish… and was promptly invited to heal Deadmines and then SFK. “What… what is this… this healy thing is… fun?” Pike respec’d to Resto and is now level 64. Trees ftw baby.

Pike rolled a hunter. She thought it was a weird silly class until level 30 or so at which point something clicked. Then she rolled another hunter, and another hunter, and another hunter, and made a hunter blog, and rolled another hunter, and and and…

Pike rolled a mage. She liked it except that she kept dying, running out of mana, and running into hunters in Deadmines who looked like they were having ten times more fun than she was. Mage shelved at level 21. Though she did end up rolling another mage later that she has been having more fun with. (Must log into more often.)

Pike rolled a paladin. She tried doggedly to make this her “secondary main” way back when she’d first started playing. She tried hard. She got to level 17. Then she realized she was spending way too much time fumbling around with this confusing seals-thing and dying all the time (yes, as a paladin) while hunters ran blissfully past with their pets. Paladin shelved. Pike has since tried to make new paladins because she likes the lore behind them but she fails miserably every time she tries.

Pike rolled a priest. It was fun but didn’t seem to “hook” her at all. Priest shelved at level 8. She has since rolled a few more priests but none of them have gotten past level 10. Bugger.

Pike rolled a rogue. She got to level 8 and decided she didn’t like it and shelved it. Pike rolled another rogue much later, with a backstory that she really liked a lot. Pike found roguing slightly more intriguing this time but not intriguing enough. Rogue shelved at level 10; no real interest in trying again.

Pike rolled a draenei shaman. She got to level 7 and decided it was the most confusing class in the world and turned that shaman into a bank alt. Later Pike made a new Hordie shaman who was actually pretty fun and reached level 10, but then she got distracted. Shaman on indefinite hiatus.

Pike rolled a warrior. She got to level 6 and then rerolled hunter. Warrior turned into a bank alt.

Pike rolled a warlock. She kept telling her imp to tank and then wondering why he was so horrible at it, and why it took eight million years to cast Shadowbolt. She eventually fumbled her way into getting a Voidwalker but, as usual, got distracted. Warlock on hiatus; Pike feels better leaving the ‘locking to her boyfriend.

Pike rolled a Death Knight. It was actually really fun, although she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. Then she was booted out of the starting zone into Hellfire Peninsula which was being heavily camped by about 500 other Death Knights. DK on hiatus.

And there you have it. Other than hunters and that random lucky resto druid, Pike really does have no class. … -es. /cough

Epics (Warning: Cute Overload Inside)

So I thought that after my self-present, my birthday couldn’t get any better…


…but it did.

Remember when my sister made me Tawyn and Tux out of pom-poms?

Imagine my delight when I opened up a box and out popped Eltanin, my beloved windserpent:



Spitting image, no? He’s jumbo-sized too, with a wingspan of well over a foot from tip to tip. And oh so cuddly!

Go on, tell me I’m not the luckiest hunter ever! I dare ya.

(To see more of my sister’s creativeness, I invite you to check out her website, where she has crafted all the druid forms for both races, and every single character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Seriously, how am I supposed to compete with that much awesomeness?)