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Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like to Live in Northrend?

Today was my day off. I was going to go do errands and grocery shopping and stuff, but then I looked out my window and saw this:


I know it’s hard to believe, but under that big pile of snow? That would be my car. AKA “Epic Geekmobile” (the upgrade from my last car, the normal “Geekmobile”, may it rest in pieces), AKA “Nautilus“.

So I promptly changed my mind about the errands business and decided to stay home. I’ve got oatmeal and ramen and Transformers fruit snacks and Dr. Pepper; I can hold out a bit.

Then I remembered I have to go to work at 6am tomorrow. So I went outside to survey the damage and realized I couldn’t even get to my car.

Fortunately, I have relatives with shovels:



Slowly but surely…


Somehow, the front of my car turned into a wall o’ snow. You can see the shovel and one of my front tires for size comparison.

But look guys! We’ve found buried treasure!



The snow has– finally– started to let up a bit, so here’s hoping tomorrow morning doesn’t have it back at Square One. Now, about those non-plowed, 5:30am roads… /shudders

FAQ (Frequently Anticipated Questions): Pike, where in the gorram world do you live? Right heah. And I say we redirect “Storm Peaks” to it. Since clearly this series of pictures is depicting my new mount there.

The Coolest Thing That Has Ever Happened to Tawyn. Ever.




Thanks to Figureprints, Tawyn and the gear she exited Burning Crusade with1 have been memorialized for all time in the form of an actual figurine that is now standing very heroically atop my computer desk.

And it came to pass that upon opening the box containing aforementioned figurine, Pike did emit a fangirly squee that was heard throughout the surrounding land.

That is all.

1Okay, she’s holding Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle instead of the superior Choco-Bow, but seriously, it’s just that much sexier. And also her RP weapon. So. *nods* (back)

Epics (Warning: Cute Overload Inside)

So I thought that after my self-present, my birthday couldn’t get any better…


…but it did.

Remember when my sister made me Tawyn and Tux out of pom-poms?

Imagine my delight when I opened up a box and out popped Eltanin, my beloved windserpent:



Spitting image, no? He’s jumbo-sized too, with a wingspan of well over a foot from tip to tip. And oh so cuddly!

Go on, tell me I’m not the luckiest hunter ever! I dare ya.

(To see more of my sister’s creativeness, I invite you to check out her website, where she has crafted all the druid forms for both races, and every single character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Seriously, how am I supposed to compete with that much awesomeness?)