Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like to Live in Northrend?

Today was my day off. I was going to go do errands and grocery shopping and stuff, but then I looked out my window and saw this:


I know it’s hard to believe, but under that big pile of snow? That would be my car. AKA “Epic Geekmobile” (the upgrade from my last car, the normal “Geekmobile”, may it rest in pieces), AKA “Nautilus“.

So I promptly changed my mind about the errands business and decided to stay home. I’ve got oatmeal and ramen and Transformers fruit snacks and Dr. Pepper; I can hold out a bit.

Then I remembered I have to go to work at 6am tomorrow. So I went outside to survey the damage and realized I couldn’t even get to my car.

Fortunately, I have relatives with shovels:



Slowly but surely…


Somehow, the front of my car turned into a wall o’ snow. You can see the shovel and one of my front tires for size comparison.

But look guys! We’ve found buried treasure!



The snow has– finally– started to let up a bit, so here’s hoping tomorrow morning doesn’t have it back at Square One. Now, about those non-plowed, 5:30am roads… /shudders

FAQ (Frequently Anticipated Questions): Pike, where in the gorram world do you live? Right heah. And I say we redirect “Storm Peaks” to it. Since clearly this series of pictures is depicting my new mount there.

30 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like to Live in Northrend?”

  1. Hey, what do you know, I live in Montana too! Didn’t get any of that snow where I am at though, thank goodness!

  2. O how i miss your snow!
    I lived in canada for a year around 2000-2001.
    All the locals thought I was a bit insane as i always loved the snow & the cold.

    Coming from Australia, our winters are just grey, damp and 10 degrees C.

  3. well last winter it droped down to -30 to -35 degrees C here in germany. Cold enought to freeze the coolant in the car engines. Try to start a car in such conditions.

  4. And that right there is why I don’t live in Michigan anymore. granted, we almost never got THAT much, but still.

    I’ll take my winters a tad chilly, with a chance of showers, thankyouverymuch!
    (probably the ONLY good thing about SoCal…)

  5. Well, I’m in Canada too but it’s the bit that doesn’t get covered in white stuff six months of the year, AKA Vancouver Island. Memories indeed though: the last time I was in Montana was . . . well, probably before you were born but let’s not go there shall we? Next time I’m there maybe that Zephram Cochrane statue will finally be finished, eh?

  6. @ Ardprest – Seeing as Human/Vulcan First Contact happens in my hometown, I will truthfully, honestly see to a statue getting finished if I ever get the money to support it…

  7. Heehee, Pike, I’ve seen that happen to my car a number of times. Two winters ago, snow like that fell between when I went into my job at 8am and when I came out at 5pm. I was so not happy digging out with my hands and with my work-shoes on.

    I’m from Maine, btw.

  8. Oh Pike, you should come down to the South, where snow is never a problem. If we get so much as an inch of snow on the ground, every school and business shuts down for the day, leaving us to frolic in our inch for the day.

  9. Ahh, so the snow has finally moved elsewhere? Almost makes me wish we had some real snow up here too, the amount we have now looks pretty pathetic compared to yours.

    If only I knew how to turn time, I would make it late Spring right away. I can’t stand the winters in Finland, so cold, dark, and….. cold. Like, dress up in three sweaters and a winter jacket and still feel like you’re not wearing enough cold.

    Oh, how I would love to live somewhere like that. Here having a day off from school because of snow is something that would never happen. I can’t even count the times I’ve walked to school so early in the morning that the roads haven’t been plowed yet. Walking a couple of miles in knee-high snow ftw.

  10. Heh, her in England it just rains a little harder in winter than it does in summer, although it did snow once last year…. about 1/2″… it brought the country to a stand-still :p

    I wub the snow, but it just rains mostly 🙁

  11. Xonate must live in the same vicinity as me. >.>
    If there’s even a forecast of snow, the stores are bombarded and all the bread/milk/what have you is all bought out, schools are closed,and general mass panic. “Oh help, 2 inches of snow MIGHT fall in the next 2-3 days, we’re all gonna DIE!!”
    It makes me laff 😀
    (btw, I live in Virginia)

  12. I see snow like that all the time here in Buffalo but only after it travels across Lake Erie, gets REAL heavy and then drops all of it’s four feet of roof-crushing weight on top of your house!

  13. So THAT’S what Snow looks like. I had almost forgotten. The last time we had more than a 1/4″ accumulation of snow was January…… of 2000. And of course, hardly anyone where I live knows how to drive in it, expect the transplants from the North East.

  14. Another thing you have in common with Northrend are the skeletal monsters. Bits of Borean Tundra remind me of “Colter’s Hell”. And Grizzly Hills, natch. (Go Griz!)

  15. Holy crap… Iowa’s had winters like that for the last two years, but we’ve seen nothing like that yet this year. We need to start catching up.

    Last year we did have temperatures reaching -30 Farenheit though.

  16. I live in Pennsylvania and while we are certainly susceptible to snow in epic proportions it has been at least a decade since we had any significant snowfalls in my part of the state, I think like 1996. I have a very bad feeling about this winter though. Something tells me we’re due for a nasty Nor’easter this year.

  17. I could kill to live in a place were that kind of things happen. I not even joking; it’s like my dream home just for the snow.

  18. I lived in Minot, North Dakota awhile back and do those pictures bring back “memories”. Except for us it was more snow drifts versus snow fall. Grats on digging out your car!

  19. Hai from Canada here too! Quebec in my case. We missed that storm by not much so there’s still no snow here but anyday now it will snow a meter and then we’re good for 5 or 6 months of northrend. I could do without winter, I rather prefer it warm.

  20. 73 degrees and sunny here in Cali today. My wife lived in your hometown for a few years after she moved down from Eureka. I keep thinking I’d like that area as a place to live, but seeing those pics has me second guessing myself. I like cold weather, but sheesh.

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