Pike Has No Class

(Shamelessly stolen from a couple other blogs)

Pike rolled a druid. She Wrathed and Moonfired her way up to about level 5 and then got bored and quit. Several months later she rolled another druid. This time she got to level 10 and got Bear Form! Then she got bored and quit. Another several months later she rolled a third druid, somehow managed to get to level 15ish… and was promptly invited to heal Deadmines and then SFK. “What… what is this… this healy thing is… fun?” Pike respec’d to Resto and is now level 64. Trees ftw baby.

Pike rolled a hunter. She thought it was a weird silly class until level 30 or so at which point something clicked. Then she rolled another hunter, and another hunter, and another hunter, and made a hunter blog, and rolled another hunter, and and and…

Pike rolled a mage. She liked it except that she kept dying, running out of mana, and running into hunters in Deadmines who looked like they were having ten times more fun than she was. Mage shelved at level 21. Though she did end up rolling another mage later that she has been having more fun with. (Must log into more often.)

Pike rolled a paladin. She tried doggedly to make this her “secondary main” way back when she’d first started playing. She tried hard. She got to level 17. Then she realized she was spending way too much time fumbling around with this confusing seals-thing and dying all the time (yes, as a paladin) while hunters ran blissfully past with their pets. Paladin shelved. Pike has since tried to make new paladins because she likes the lore behind them but she fails miserably every time she tries.

Pike rolled a priest. It was fun but didn’t seem to “hook” her at all. Priest shelved at level 8. She has since rolled a few more priests but none of them have gotten past level 10. Bugger.

Pike rolled a rogue. She got to level 8 and decided she didn’t like it and shelved it. Pike rolled another rogue much later, with a backstory that she really liked a lot. Pike found roguing slightly more intriguing this time but not intriguing enough. Rogue shelved at level 10; no real interest in trying again.

Pike rolled a draenei shaman. She got to level 7 and decided it was the most confusing class in the world and turned that shaman into a bank alt. Later Pike made a new Hordie shaman who was actually pretty fun and reached level 10, but then she got distracted. Shaman on indefinite hiatus.

Pike rolled a warrior. She got to level 6 and then rerolled hunter. Warrior turned into a bank alt.

Pike rolled a warlock. She kept telling her imp to tank and then wondering why he was so horrible at it, and why it took eight million years to cast Shadowbolt. She eventually fumbled her way into getting a Voidwalker but, as usual, got distracted. Warlock on hiatus; Pike feels better leaving the ‘locking to her boyfriend.

Pike rolled a Death Knight. It was actually really fun, although she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. Then she was booted out of the starting zone into Hellfire Peninsula which was being heavily camped by about 500 other Death Knights. DK on hiatus.

And there you have it. Other than hunters and that random lucky resto druid, Pike really does have no class. … -es. /cough

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  1. Heh, I’ll play another class when I’m done with my main, which means when all those achievements are done. So, in another couple of years >.>

  2. Hehe, I feel your pain. The only classes that I could play is hunter, mage, and warlock (I haven’t tried a death knight; I don’t have WotLK yet), and I’ve levelled a toon (or two) of every class to level 12 before quitting on them. My druid, however, is sitting at level 20 with a cat form – I haven’t played with that form yet, so she’s shelved for the future to see whether I like the cat form or not (the bear form BORES me). For now, it’s my darling, beloved, wonderful hunter at 70, mage at 56, warlock at 38… hmm, I should level my casters, eh? =D

  3. Oh, I forgot to add, my dad’s the opposite of me: he’ve got 4 70+ (two warriors, hunter, and priest), a 60+ (death knight), a 55+ (a druid), and the rest of his toons are 25+ (he deleted his level 26 shaman for the death knight… I guess he likes his warriors). Then again, maybe it’s the fact that I’m busy in college and he works at home so he have a lot of free time…

  4. Wow, sounds like me.
    Except I generally get my alts up to around lvl 20 before deleting/shelving them.

    Right now i have 80 hunter,70 druid and rogue, 74 druid, 45 hunter, 39 Spriest, 33 shaman and warlock, 4 baby hunters from 10-20, and 2 DKs (one for each faction) that are parked til I find time to play them.

    Alititis. I has it.

  5. I have a mild case of alt-itis. My main server is currently 7/10 (all horde) with my main level 80 hunter, a level 70 paladin, a 58 death knight, a level 1 warrior bank alt, 15 mage, and a level 1 shaman. I also have A level 72 hunter a level 10 priest on one server (both alliance) and a level 6 hunter on a third server. I think it’s safe to say what my class is.

  6. Hunter was my main and I really liked playing it. One day I got fed up with begging tanks to tank heroics, so I rolled a pally.

    Hunter is my #1 choice still.

  7. I keep trying new classes but I’ve realized that my first instinct when anything starts to get near me is to kite. I was jump shot moonfire kiting things all over mulgore, and when i had a rogue gouge was nothing more than imp. wing clip with 100% proc rate to me. I’d gouge and start to run, then remember i was a melee class and have to run back >.>

  8. Hehehe… I love how you ran through all the classes. I’ve tried everything except for rogue and priest. I just can’t even begin to think about how I’d play those. I have an abandoned litter of alts, though they tend to stop at about 19-20 or even 30 so I guess I get a little farther before I’m lured back to my druid(s) and pally.

  9. Although I’m a hunter for life now, and I don’t have alts, I actually don’t have a class either. Phyllixia was very close to being a druid, and I also love the gameplay of a mage/warlock…. or even a healer class. Everything except melee, in fact!

  10. Haha! My Shaman is currently a glorified bank alt too. I found the class to be very confusing as well. I believe I’m too ADD to keep track of totems and the like. If I’d started playing WoW as a Shaman, it might make more sense as people claim that Mages can be confusing with all of their buffs and spells. But I think it’s more likely I would have just quit playing WOW altogether. A special thanks to Starman over at World of Warcast for guiding me in the right direction. Next up… leveling a Hunter using this here blog as my road map. =)

  11. I love my BM hunter. It was the first thing i rolled and is still my main. No matter what I roll, I always come back to it. People can whine about hunters being “easy mode”, but I don’t care. The game is all about FUN, and playing a hunter is the most fun I’ve had in the game. Death knight comes in second tho. =]

  12. Yeah, I keep rolling other classes, but then they also become mules to my one hunter. I guess I got my DK all the way to lvl 58, lol. That’s my highest alt now.

  13. Teehee. Great why to tell your story. The shaman part made me laugh b/c my main is 80 resto/enhn shaman. I love that class so much. I have trouble playing anything else. It’s taken me 9 months to get my hunter to 60. And your blog has greatly helped me on the way. Thanks =D

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