Top 457 Things I Need In My Garrison

1. A bed.

2. More songs for my jukebox.  Remember that kazoo song from MoP?  Where is that, Blizzard?

3. Customizable building styles.  Level 3 Barracks get us racial guards but where’s our racial buildings, Blizzard?  Hmmmm?  Seriously just make it so different building styles cost garrison resources and then sit back and watch as us saps run around frantically doing garrison stuff again.

…okay, so that was three things.  I was only 454 off from my original estimate.  Not a huge difference, really.

4 thoughts on “Top 457 Things I Need In My Garrison”

  1. It would be nice to choose which starting area your garrison went into. I know some people don’t really like the snow horde side.

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