Pike vs. The Anxiety Boss: So uh guys, I did a raid

Pike vs. the Anxiety Raid Boss chronicles my quest to beat a bad case of “gaming anxiety” that crept up on me a few years back.  Exciting!  (Or not!)

Let me tell you, briefly, about my raiding history.

My raiding history involves raiding during Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King.  It required lots and lots of tactical discussion on voice chat.  It required lots and lots of commitment.  It often required spending hours on one boss.

So hopefully you can’t blame me when the idea of pugging a raid kept me far away from LFR for a long time.  I was convinced it was all a big train wreck waiting to happen.

Boy, was I wrong.

LFR is a glorious – and glorified – loot pinata.


It really felt quite weird.  More than feeling like a raid, LFR felt like stumbling across some world boss, pulling together a hodgepodge group of random people, and then jumping right in.  Oh, there are some gimmicks here and there, of course – you know, the one’s you’ve seen before if you’ve done any dungeon boss at all ever (Stay Out of The Bad, Move Away From/Towards The MacGuffin, Move Away From/Towards The Raid).  But there was never really any sense of danger or urgency.  Possibly because this raid has already been out for months.  Or possibly because LFR really is that easy.  Maybe it’s a mix of both? I’m not really sure yet.

The veteran cane-waving side of Pike who did hard modes back in the day found it all kind of underwhelming and perhaps just a bit silly, but the gaming-anxiety-riddled side of Pike was ecstatic.  This was fun, easy, straight-forward, and dumped purples on me.  And as silly as it sounds, it did wonders to boost my WoW self-esteem, and now I’m looking forward to more raiding adventures.

TLDR: If you have similar anxieties, I recommend jumping into one of the lower level raids in LFR.  I promise it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. 😀



One thought on “Pike vs. The Anxiety Boss: So uh guys, I did a raid”

  1. LFR is a good esteem booster. Most mechanics wont one shot you, general skill level & knowledge of fights is low – so you can cheese your way thru and occasionally stand in bad stuff without being ostracized and wiping the whole raid.
    Myself as a pretty low 2 nites a week raider I even use LFR as training for bosses we havnt reached yet.
    Most mechanics are the same, just highly watered down. Good for skilling up and honing of awareness. Pretend the mechanics can 1 shot you even though they just tickle 🙂
    There are bow 6 wings of LFR out there now, go get em! (And BRF LFR loot is now equivalent to normal hughmaul! I655)

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