Also known as “Thalassian Ear-Warmers”

althalor scarf 3It’s a bit nippy at the garrison in Frostfire Ridge.  How’s a young blood elf supposed to keep his ears warm?  Althalor has hit upon the answer, and the answer, my friends, is socks.

Seriously though, has anyone ever thought about the logistical problems caused by elf ears?  Stuffing them in a helmet has got to be awfully uncomfortable, but otherwise they are at the mercy of both the elements and the enemy.

Clearly socks are the answer.  Ratchets, my up’n’coming goblin hunter, is already planning to bring a whole crate of them to Silvermoon and market them as Thalassian Ear-Warmers.  Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Also known as “Thalassian Ear-Warmers””

  1. Don’t forget to add holes and state they improve aerodynamics and is totally not a way to skim profits off of the top.

  2. Spacegoats have the sane problems with their horns!
    And i’ve always wondered how boots and footware work with our hooves…

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