I Was Told I Could Farm at a Reasonable Pace From Nine to Eleven

I was really casual about it. Did the easy quests when I remembered and didn’t stress if I skipped a day or two. (Or three, or four.)

But it turned out to be a really enjoyable little grind. I would not have wished doing it at 70 upon anyone, though. I mean, all those elites running around and everything, yipes.

But yeah, logged on every morning (I’ve been working evenings), did a few quests, and here we are less than a month later.


13 thoughts on “I Was Told I Could Farm at a Reasonable Pace From Nine to Eleven”

  1. If someone asked me if there was an enjoyable grind in WoW I’d gladly reply: The netherwing grind!

    And I’m one of those who egg hunts heavily. ; ) Did it twice already.

  2. Nice! I picked up one of them recently for my DK alt. You’re right, it was an enjoyable little grind…and if hitting orcs with a Bootarang is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 🙂

  3. I told Thrall that if Garrosh is going to mine while he’s waiting in queue then I should be able to farm while I’m grinding rep so I don’t see why I should have to stop running dailies because I enjoy farming at a reasonable pace from nine to eleven.

  4. I too think the Netherwing is the best “grind” in the game. I done it at 70 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Took me 3 days – i logged on every few hours and grabbed a couple of eggs from their spawn points (memorised flight pattern) and done the dailies each day. Sometimes working with friends (probably something that doesnt happen at 80 mind you) – it was great fun. I got so addicted to the egg hunt that I helped at least 2 other friends grind by locating the eggs for them :p

  5. I gave up on those long ago because it was indeed such an overfarmed place – but then I realized I prefer the wotlk drakes anyway hehe! Big gratz to you tho! =)

  6. Shiny! I think I am going to pick up the a Nether Ray, but first I need epic flying. Seriously, I have played through BC and Wrath and never picked up epic flying… /shame

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