There are rumors on the internets that I’m returning to Aspect of the Hare full-time.

And you know what, I’d love to do that.

It’ll be different. At the moment I lack both the time and interest to raid or really play “hardcore” or provide hunter guides. However, I had a lot of fun writing, say, the food post and I’d like to do more “fun” stuff like that, a few times a week, if possible.

Unfortunately this is going to have to wait a bit. See, due to a REALLY long and convoluted series of events I am moving to the west coast (Western Washington to be specific.) I am doing so, uh… *checks watch*… in under twenty-four hours. I also had to quit my job. And I haven’t been able to find a new one yet. (Which has me absolutely terrified, by the way.) So these next few weeks will involve the following: throwing things into a truck, driving 600 miles west, unpacking, and frantically job-hunting because I have bills and crap due in a few weeks.

I’m telling you all of this primarily because I feel bad about repeatedly getting everyone’s hopes up about the return of the Prodigal Pike which is inevitably followed by me not really delivering. But this is what’s going on, so now you know.

TLDR: I’d love to come back but gimme some time to make sure I can actually afford food and stuff.

Much <3 to my most dedicated readers.

22 thoughts on “AFK. No, I mean, REALLY AFK”

  1. I wish you a most beautiful, snow-free, drive! I’m sorry that you had to quit your job but I hope you find an even better one in WA. Best of luck to you! We’ll still be here for when you pop back in! Cheers!

  2. Heck, if need be, I can make sure to send you a care package of food or what not & maybe throw in a few bucks in the box if able to.

    I’ve done this very same thing for my own half brother when he was going through hard times & I’m pretty sure Kerrsplat would have no objections as to sending you some food or other what not items you might need, want, etc…..

    Let me know, ok. =)

    Kerrsplat’s RL Wife.


  3. Ack, I hope things sort themselves out – best of luck, and safe travels. Hope we see you back soon, but not before you’re ready 🙂

  4. <3 and good luck! The best is always worth waiting for 🙂 We'll still be here once you're settled.

  5. Good luck!
    Recently I packed my two dogs up to relocate to Charlottesville, VA. It was one wild experience and I had a lot of fun. I’ll never forget smuggling to rowdy puppies bundled in blankets into no dog hotels.

    Embrace the experience and have a hell of a time! And just remember, you’ll have some great stories to tell down the road!

  6. I’m with Ratshag, hope you can find a good job fast. And if you get down to Western Oregon some time, look me up (you can reach me through the contact section; or since you should have access to sysadmin stuff on your own site, email me straight up).

  7. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! Don’t worry, the clouds and rain won’t last forever. They usually depart by late March. 🙂

  8. Good luck to ya Pike. After reading your netherdrake post I watched an old Entelechy vs. Moroes video and it reminded me of the good ol’ chain trapping. I went out and solo’d a lot of Kara just for you :). Safe journey.

  9. Oh, and Pike, quick question. We “grok” hunters. Could this be from a certain James Patterson book?

  10. Wow, now THAT was sudden! I hope all goes well for you and please do tell us about life in WA! It is a place that my wife and I often think of moving to.

    Good luck!

  11. Been a long while since I posted a comment anywhere, but you’re one of us now – a PacNWer! A Washintonian, even! This needs a /cheer!

    Keep us updated if you can, and like others have said, there’s people here who’d be willing to help if you need it. Hunters gotta stick together, after all. 🙂

    -Xanth and Alvar

  12. Good luck in your move!

    As far as job hunting goes, I know it sucks, but try ACME Foodservice jobs first. I put in applications for real jobs for a good three months and got nothing, then started putting in applications at foodservice jobs, and now I have 2 of them :p

    You can only handle them for so long, but they give you a little buffer until you can find something serious.

    Who knows, maybe after a little looking you’ll find a watchmaker in need of an apprentice lol

  13. @ Everyone – Thanks for the wishes all! I did indeed get here in one piece, so now we can get back to business. *rubs hands*

    @ Poisonhorn – Ahhh chain trapping, such good times. Glad you enjoyed the movie after all these years. As for “grok”, it is indeed from Heinlein, meaning to thoroughly understand something, but I know it has really wormed its way into mainstream usage so it has no doubt been used by many authors.

    @ Bamos – I like the way you think.

  14. Its a shame you can’t come back full time Pike. Take all the time you need sorting things out in Rl before you commit effort back into your blog. I hope you do find sustained time to come back and pour effort into this blog, it really is great to read 🙂

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