Top Fourteen Foods in WoW That Make Me Hungry

1. Bountiful Feast: Guys look at the icon on that tooltip. If you aren’t hungry now, I think something might be wrong with you.

2. Chocolate Cake Slice: Delicious cake.

3. Chocolate Square: What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

4. Conjured Croissant: I love croissants. Especially the ones that come in bulk from Costco. BONUS: Go to the WoWHead page for this item. Observe the screenshot. LOL.

5. Conjured Mana Pie: I seriously can’t look at this without having to repress the urge to go get a pie.

6. Golden Fish Sticks: I’m a huge junk food person and I’m a huge seafood person and fish sticks are divine. Also: Check the “screenshot” on this one, too.

7. Poached Emperor Salmon: I was born on an island in the Pacific Northwest, mere miles from the ocean. I blame this for the fact that the disease known as A Lust For Salmon At All Times runs rampant in my bloodstream.

8. Pumpkin Pie: See #5.

9. Rock-Salted Pretzel: You know those giant soft pretzels that you get at the fair? (or the Target food court?) Yeah. This. Yum.

10. Slow Roasted Turkey: I do apologize to all vegetarians that read my blog but OMG THIS MAKES ME HUNGRY.

11. Smoked Salmon: Guys I wasn’t kidding about the salmon thing I mentioned before. It’s basically the food of the gods.

12. Tasty Cupcake: More screenshot gold. And yeah cupcakes make me happy out of game as well <3 13. Versicolor Treat: This has got to be the yummiest-looking candy in the game. Mmmmm.

14. Wild Ricecake: It looks like something I could get from IHOP. Thus, I want one.

15. Male Blood Elves WAIT WAIT I DIDN’T SAY THAT

14 thoughts on “Top Fourteen Foods in WoW That Make Me Hungry”

  1. @ Nanix – It’s okay, I still <3 you!

    @ Minos - Oooh I gotta admit that one has intrigued me also. The flatbread one does too...

    @ Bigg - I know right?

  2. I’m a huge fan of Mulgore Spice Bread, Homemade Cherry Pie, and Soft Banana Bread. Of course, these must be served with Ice Cold Milk.

    Oh, and on the rare occasion that my husband isn’t looking, I am very fond of Tauren men. Yum! He thinks I have a thing for Trolls…

  3. Whenever somebody in my guild does me a favor (makes me a belt buckle, say, or cuts a gem) I give them a Tasty Cupcake as a tip. 🙂

  4. # 15 made me lol irl
    I’ve wondered what drinks like moonberry juice and morning glory dew would taste like. I think they sound pretty good. And even though I don’t live near an ocean, I agree about salmon, yuuummmm!

  5. *droooools*

    Wonderful topic! I used to love looking at the Neopets food items too 🙂 I think they were even more appetising because they are more colourful and quirky and cartoony.

    I didn’t like the fish-related ones so much because I’m not much of a fish-eater, but then again, I always thought the Gooey Spider Cake looked ridiculously good!

    I also have a fondness for the Alterac Swiss icon, because I loooove cheese.

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