I Believe You Have My Internet Dragon

Hey guys remember the Netherwing questline and how it was super hardcore back in the day to have one of those netherdrakes?

…so yeah, I never did it. I dunno, just wasn’t my style. I know it was the hip thing to do back in Burning Crusade, but I just never got around to it.

So anyway, the other week I randomly decided, you know what, let’s do that Netherwing quest chain. I mean, at the end you get what I like to call an aetherdragon mount. (Fact: Attaching the word “aether” to any other word as a prefix instantly makes said word several more levels of awesome than it already is.)

Furthermore, I’ve decided to do it on my Hordie rather than on my main. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s because I hate myself, because it’s on a PvP server and all. Or maybe it’s because I already like my mounts on Tawyn. Who knows. Sometimes I just get the urge to do things on a different character. My Hordie is, after all, also the only one of my toons with the talbuk mounts and the Diplomat title, and I have no intention of ever repeating either of those feats on my main (partially because I think it’s out of character and partially because the grinds suck).

Anyways, I’m at the point now where I’m logging on, doing a few quick Netherwing dailies while in queue for a random, doing the random, and then calling it good for the day. I’m taking it nice and easy and I’m not spending hours hunting around for eggs or anything, so this will probably take a while. Honestly, if I have the drake by the time Cataclysm comes out, I will be utterly shocked.

Oh well! I’m in no rush.

In related news, doing the Netherwing dailies gives you a spiffy male Fel Orc costume, even if you are a female, and I have discovered that using the Darkspear Pride item here will turn you into a male troll. I love crazy gender-bending tricks like that.

Speaking of Cataclysm, I’m rather apathetic about it. Not in a emo/ragequit/etc. way, but more in a “Well Cataclysm probably isn’t gonna affect my silly Netherwing grind or my newfound addiction to battlegrounds as a gnome rogue, so I’ll take it or leave it” way. That’s not to say I won’t go nuts rolling ten thousand goblins when the game comes out, but you know.

Though now that I mention it, reserving a copy would probably be a smart idea…

(Edit: Just occurred to me: flying around Orgrimmar on a netherdrake is gonna be boss)

15 thoughts on “I Believe You Have My Internet Dragon”

  1. I did the grind back when the whole thing was shiny and new on my night elf hunter and oh I HATED it… HATED HATED HATED. It took nearly a month, and at the end, while I loved my drake, I vowed never EVER again. NEVER.

    Then my blood elf hunter poked me and insisted that she wanted 100 mounts and well, that meant getting the netherdrakes. I shuddered, but started.

    And got the drake in 2 weeks. And this was one week MORE than I would really have taken had I sat there and actually done the skinning I did the first time around. And refused to do the dailies on weekends. And refused to do the racing, because my computer hates that daily.

    There were eggs EVERYWHERE– I tended to find 3-5 a day. I had so much leather that I was giving it away. Greens were so profligate that my toon that has enchanting stuffed the bank with all sorts of things– hell, I even got 2 blues and one purple item I gave to a leveling friend.

    Not sure if Blizz made it easier, or the fact no one is really doing it any more, but trust me, its so much easier and less painful now than it was then that you’ll have your drake in no time.

    And the final part is SO VERY COOL…

  2. that questline is one that i would conciter doing on my hordie, but honestly, talibuc was 15 times more fun. this goes along 3 lines.
    1, nargand rocks.
    2,nargand rocks,
    3, mag’har rocks
    4,nargand rocks,
    5 i went from 65 to 73 when i did it, just on ogres,
    6 nargand rocks.

  3. I did the grind back in the day because I wanted the money from the dailies, and because I’m a mount collector. 😀

    Even though it took me a month, I still highly enjoyed it.

    (Or could be that I’m just a weird girl who likes to grind. I have the Ambassador title on two toons – one who got it at level 63.)

    The netherdrakes are kinda pretty. 🙂

  4. I agree with shagrat- aetherpike the goblin mage engineer/alch perhaps? And I am glad that I’m not the only person out there with an ally main that is more interested in the goblins then the worgen- sure werewolves are cool and all, but I just wanna blow stuff up and cackle wildly on ally AND horde!!!

  5. I’m still grinding: my first character, a Tauren Hunter got set aside for a while while I played with DKs and is still at 75. Right now I going back and trying to get the Classic Dungeomaster achievement as I basically levelled up without doing any dungeons. The Netherdrake is on my list as is Z’G before it vanishes.

    I’ve been back to playing for just over a year after a two year break so WoW keeps my interest just because there’s still so much of it I haven’t done. I’d love to read more about the classic instances even though I see so many people champing at the bit about NEW NEW NEW…

  6. I just finished up the Netherwing grind earlier this week. Took me just little over a week I think.
    Though really I did it because I never had done them (and it’s dead easy now of course) and I needed a new set of dailies to do, as if I ever set foot on the Argent Tournament grounds again it’ll be too soon. Of course I wound up pretty much spending all the gold I made on Netherdrakes.

    Ah well. Time to do them on my Shaman alt-soon-to-become-main!

  7. One of my favorite tricks is that if you are a female toon with Death Bringer’s Will, and you eat a savory deviate delight while it is proc’d you are a male ninja/pirate instead of a female.

  8. I did my Netherwing achievement shortly after WOTLK dropped. It was after I hit 80, of course. But yea, much easier now then it was back in the day.

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