The Black Arrow How-To

I had a request for this, so although I feel a bit silly writing this up mere weeks before everything changes, I am here to deliver!

I’ve been playing around a lot with Survival lately, and having a lot of fun. Black Arrow is tied to Lock and Load so you quickly learn not to “waste” Black Arrows. I don’t really have any hard and fast rules for this, other than what’s common sense:

  • Don’t use Black Arrow when the mob is about to die.
  • Don’t use Black Arrow if you are or are going to be in Viper.
  • Don’t use Black Arrow on mobs that are non-elite and/or going to die in a few seconds.

and etc.

Don’t feel too bad if you screw up– it has a fairly short cooldown so “wasting” a Black Arrow ultimately isn’t something to beat yourself up over; it’s just something to watch. (Lock and Load itself does have its own 22 second internal cooldown, which still isn’t that bad.)

Lock and Load will also proc from trapping things. You don’t get a chance to do this much in PvE at current but you’ll soon figure out moments and take them to your advantage (Hint: the ghouls during the last boss fight in ToC).

And that is Black Arrow.

As for me, I’m still plinking around with Netherwing Dailies. It’s going much faster than I was expecting. Guys: I’m not doing all of the dailies, I’m not going overboard with eggs, and I’ve skipped a few days because I’ve been busy or whatnot, and I’ve already hit Revered in two weeks. Easy-squeezy.

…did I just say Easy-Squeezy? You have permission to facepalm.

5 thoughts on “The Black Arrow How-To”

  1. Oh, I am SO stealing “Easy-squeezy”.

    I found that even if I didn’t feel like running dailies, enough Netherwing Crystals dropped so that I could just rez in, turn in the quest, and log out without any extra work, for days. By the time I hit Exalted, I had two whole stacks of the things, at that!

  2. And I thought it was easy-peasy that gets you roll-eyed at….hmmm

    I never did the NW daily grind, the drakes just look…goofy somehow. sticking with the wotlk ones and farm minipets instead ;P

  3. @Syl: That seems to be the way it goes, you either like the netherdrakes or the proto-dragons. I don’t seem to know many who like both. Myself, I stay away from both, I tend to have my sub tuned too high to stand the wing beats for too long.

    I did, however, grind out the rep for a netherdrake simply because the were considered cool and I am a sheeple sometimes.

  4. I just did Netherwing on both my characters, it took about 5 days per character doing all the quests every day, which was about 45 mins daily.

  5. Now I understand, never thought that was the real purpose of black arrow. “Don’t use Black Arrow when the mob is about to die” I shouldn’t done this before. Sorry just a newbie. Thanks for this very useful information. Visit you could find also useful information there.

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