Tawyn Is The Champion My Friends…


…toldya I’d get Malygos before Oculus. >.>

Funny story behind this whole thing actually; I’ve been sitting around needing EoE and Oculus for a really long time now. However, I haven’t had much good luck with groups.

Enter my new guild, which– have I mentioned recently that they are all exceptionally nice?– has been really itching to figure out a way to get me into some raids since my schedule does not coincide with their current progression schedule very nicely.

And so, one night when I was actually online (as opposed to mornings, when I am usually online), the guild pulled together a Malygos run… pretty much just for me, and for some guildies’ alts who also wanted the title.

Now enter the funny story. They wanted me to use Ventrilo, which is fair; I typically use Ventrilo for any raid that isn’t OS/VoA. Ventrilo doesn’t work for me on Linux so I told my guild it would be a moment while I hopped partitions over to Windows.

…guess who hasn’t used Windows since the patch? Guess what needed to download? Oh, and then guess who ran out of space on her Windows partition and had to rearrange everything?

Needless to say it was about an hour before I was actually back in game. My addons were completely borked, but at that point I figured screw it, I’d already left my poor guild waiting so long.

And so, before long I was on Ventrilo, the subject of a rather amusing (and truth be told, ongoing) name debate: TAH-win vs. TAY-win. (It’s TAH-win by the way. >.>)

And Malygos went down quite nicely! I had a screenshot of the achievement but it primarily consists of my broken addons throwing error messages in my face (no, seriously. I named it “What Your Addons See When They Die”), so yeah.

Anyways, a couple days after that, aforementioned Really Nice Guild* went to Oculus with me so I could, finally, become Champion of the Frozen Wastes.

It’s a spiffy title, if a bit long-ish, and since approximately 97.5% of the WoW population is currently using that title, I’ll probably retire it soon until a few expansions from now, when it becomes rare.

But it’s nice to have it! <3 P.S. Guess who signed up for Ulduar this week! /excited dance --- * Really Nice Guild, as it turns out, has a blog. They totally aren’t expecting me to link them, but I’m going to because I’m devious like that. /wicked grin

16 thoughts on “Tawyn Is The Champion My Friends…”

  1. I really like Champion of the Frozen Wastes. I almost use it more than I use my Hand of A’dal title.

  2. Congratulations!

    And its not Tahn? Thats how i read it

    I get mispronunciations all the time, so im allowed a free pass. 🙂

  3. Congratulations! I finally got Maly down this weekend too. That fight is so easy when people pay attention and do their jobs! Still lacking the fancy title though: Need HoS and Gundrak yet. (I’m not fond of heroics, really…even with guildies. I suppose I should bite the bullet and get those two out of the way.)

  4. Congratulations Pike!

    I need to get to doing 80 instances at some point. I can’t seem to find many who want to do the normal ones though and I’m worried that the heroic ones might be hard boss wise and I’ll wipe cause I don’t know the tactics.

    Anyway, good luck with Ulduar!

  5. Congratz. I still havent downed Maly or KT which is pretty sad considering I’m at General Vezax in 10 man Ulduar.

    I’m eagerly awaiting your post on Ulduar and which spec you’re going to use. Some fights are just too brutal on BM (Hey Mimiron!).

  6. clra2 has an interesting point. While for the majority of Ulduar, Beast Mastery should be a fine, if not strong, choice, there are certain encounters that will make it interesting to say the least. Mimiron has several abilities that aren’t pet-friendly, so I would be very interested to see how a huntress such as yourself is able to handle that fight. ^^

  7. Congratulations! The things we do for titles, eh?

    I’d love for someone to come along and say “Ah, I can do BM all the way through Ulduar”, but it seems like there are quite a few pet unfriendly bosses (I’ve not set foot in the place yet. Guild’s nice, but we’re a shambles…)

    I seem to remember Blizzard saying in their huntery Q&A that they’d like pets to be more survivable vs boss mechanics. I imagine we’ll see some progress in that area Soon(tm) (i.e. before the next glacial phase of the current ice age but under no circumstance more than fifty thousand years).

    Good luck in Ulduar, in any event. Let us know how it goes!

  8. Well well well… Tawyn, Champion of the Frozen Wastes, eh? That sure is an appropriate title for a Hunter who has done epic adventures all over Azeroth (and beyond, too!).

    Congratulations! May yet more grand adventures be had by you! ^_^

  9. Grats on the title. Yours is exactly like me. It took occulus to get the title, I had everything else before it. Stupid Occulus is a pain. At least its a spiffy title, if extraordinarily long.
    Grats again!

  10. Its also totally awesome that your guild has a blog.. 😛
    Occulus was the last one for me too – I’ve never done it on normal apparently, and only on Heroic Twice. It was just one of those place that people avoid getting pugs for – and guildys game enough to try it hard

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