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So that’s basically about, oh, 50-100 DPS more than I do as BM on 10man Patchwerk. I probably should’ve just snapshotted the Current Fight (I think it was on Overall) but hey, it was a nice number. And much more than I’ve normally been doing as Survival so far this week. (Even if the whole Twilight Torment thing from my pet kinda skewed the numbers. I had decent numbers on the other fights too, so it’s justified. /cough)

Mostly I’m surprised because I don’t feel like I changed my playstyle at all. I did wind up sucking it up and installing Quartz this morning, but I don’t think it had much of an effect, since overall my latency is pretty low and my FPS is pretty high. Very helpful for my moonkin, though. >.> 1900 DPS at level 75? Yes please. Aaaanyways, perhaps I just got the right mix of buffs, finally.

I feel like I am finally starting to get into the Survival groove. Maybe. At least, this was the first time I saw a bunch of mobs and thought “Oh! I should use Frost Trap for Lock and Load!” only to find out it was on cooldown because of Black Arrow. I’ll uh… remember next time. >.>

…Frost Trap is the one, right? <.<

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  1. clra2: When you leave drakes up on the Sartharion encounter they each bring different debuffs. Vesperon brings “Twilight Torment” which damages you when you damage him.

    Pike: Yes, Frost Trap will proc LnL on adds, so will Immo. and Explosive traps, but Frost is generally safer to use for obvious aggro reasons. :3

  2. Survival dps gets very low if you move, even if just for a few seconds.
    Dunno exactly why (loosing autoshot + sniper training = big loss, maybe). Trick is to stand still unless you are 100% sure you gonna die if you don’t move.

    Also, I inspected you on armory and all those yummy sockets to increase your agility are used up by erm, +hit. Try pugging a Naxx25 or an Ulduar10 first bosses and get “Grim Toll” or “Pyrite Infuser” (+83hit/+95hit trinkets) and then switch all that +16 hit for +16 agi, same for enchants (agi instead of ap where you can) and your dps will skyrocket. 🙂

    I would say agi helps about same as ap for bm in my personal experience, but most people would probably contradict me.

  3. Dont forget tho that black arrow also increases all damage done to the target by you by 6%. I think that it works out being better to use black arrow and risking not getting a LnL for that reason alone, also less dps is lost running around to get the trap under a mob.

  4. Hey, 3.8k in 10 man is pretty good going.

    I totally agree with Ionut – getting a hit trinket is a big win for hunters. When I got the Pyrite Infuser I managed to get rid of all my hit gems/enchants! I think in all cases it’s better to have +Agi rather than +hit on enchants/gems, apart from with the feet & Icewalker.

    Other than that, you’re gear is pretty good (Give me your boots! :p) – the only other way for you to really upgrade is to run more 25 man raids or Ulduar10 I guess.

    Good Luck!

  5. Now I wonder what you can sustain on the optimum DPS fight, Patchwerk. Sarth DPS is always going to be lower because of movement and time when you’re not DPSing. Pretty exciting.

    Frost trap is problematic in OS, because the add tank needs to move mobs to get out of a flame wall and some mobs may get hit by the flame wall because they were slowed by your frost trap. Also makes picking up adds a little more problematic for the add tank. I wouldn’t use it.

    On the other hand, I know Explosive trap will proc LnL 100%. I think Immo trap is the same as Black arrow, i.e. 6%. If you’re near the add tank and can drop the Ex trap under him, it’s a nice way to work the adds down and get 3 ES shots free on the Drake. I cannot comment on whether the 6% additional Damage from BA is better than two additional ES. The math on that should be straightforward tho.

    Then again, by the time you run OS again, you’ll be MM, right?

  6. I hate to sound picky but it’s obvious you have a lot more room to improve. The chart shows your pet doing 26% of your dps, while an SV pet should only account for 15%. This means your personal dps is still not quite at the possible maximum. Keep it up!

  7. I use an addon called Watcher (search on for it). It allows you to set up your shot priority and then shows you a stack of available shots with your highest priority one on top. And additionally shows you a moving time line of your shots on cooldown.

    Hard to explain exactly, but look on the curse page and there are some pictures that make it clear. Basically the addon helps you to make sure you’re always firing the right shot at the right time.

  8. I never much cared for SV, honestly. It was all the rage when I was getting my hunter up, and one of my BM friends, bless her, was having a terrible time. People were always whispering her to go SV, people that didn’t even have hunters! She got blamed for low DPS and stuff all the time, and it kinda brought her to the point that she stopped raiding, she was in tears some days. That ticked me off, so I leveled up BM, and went in on 25 man Naxx in blues and came out #3 on the damage meters. That woke up our guild and started a DPS race.

    Things have quieted down since then as far as people saying SV was THE spec, because I then turned MM next. It seemed the whole of the guild’s hunters would follow me wherever, and then would go back SV when they didn’t get as good of results as me. It’s kinda fun showing that, the build shouldn’t matter (Well, not much anyway) in the hands of the right player. I kind of revived our DPS too. Since then we’ve seen such a marked improvement in both our lower DPS and our best that has been so strong that our tanks have had serious threat issues of late. It’s no wonder, either, when half the raid is hitting 6k+ on Patchwork, and Thaddius… dadgum Thaddius, we have a rogue that has topped 9.2k there. It’s all fun times.

    I’m really enjoying my MM build (I think I may mess with BM again in 3.2, pet scaling intrigues me to no end, and excites me!), but what kind of stuff are you doing with your SV build? I’ve tried SV, and didn’t much like the playstyle, but I’m interested to know what kind of mechanics you and most of my guild are using. I’m top hunter on most of our fights now, but the greats in life always seek to improve, and it might help me improve to understand this third build I’ve never messed with more than a few minutes.

  9. @ Lupius – to be fair, I was probably using a very poor example screenshot due to Twilight Torment, which you can see is abnormally buffing my pet’s performance. On all the other fights he was a dismal 12-15% or so.

  10. You might want to check out
    Its my UI, specially designed for SV or hunters in general.
    It helps you prioritize your special shots better in both a visual and audioable matter.
    Theres a link in how to set it up as well if you wan to try it out.

    Have fun 🙂

  11. @ Effi:

    I can see how that woud be useful. But as one comment in the video says, “It plays the game for you.”

    I don’t like addons that make the game so watered down and easy that my baby nephew could play, and Pike doesn’t really strike me as the kind of person that does either.

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