A Hunter's Guide to Naxxramas Bosses: Frostwyrm Lair

In the spirit of A Hunter’s Guide to Karazhan Bosses, I now present you with: A Hunter’s Guide to Naxxramas Bosses! A quick reference guide for those of you who are perhaps newer to Naxx. Remember though, you may or may not do the bosses in this order… so a handy-dandy navigation menu for you (articles will be linked to as they go live):

Spider Wing: Anub’rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, Maexxna
Plague Wing: Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigan the Unclean, Loatheb
Abomination Wing: Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth, Thaddius
Military Wing: Instructor Razuvious, Gothik the Harvester, Four Horsemen
Frostwyrm Lair: Sapphiron, Kel’Thuzad




“Once a noble blue dragon within the mountains of Northrend, Sapphiron was slain by Arthas during his campaign through the frozen north. Resurrected to serve him, Sapphiron guards Kel’Thuzad’s lair eternally, awaiting those who would dare tresspass upon his master.”

DPS Sapphiron. Let the healers know if you get cursed. Don’t stand in the blizzard.

When Sapphiron flies up in the air, run towards the entryway (where you came in)– two people will be turned into iceblocks. Unless you are one of those people, run behind the ice block and don’t move. Sapphiron will do a move that will one-shot anyone who isn’t standing behind an ice block.

Sapphiron will land, rinse and repeat.

It’s not a bad idea to misdirect to the tank everytime Sapphie lands.

Sapphiron has a wonky hitbox; I’ve found myself melee’ing him on accident more than once even though I was seriously standing on the other end of the room. Sorta like Onyxia. Soooo just watch out for that!



“The Lich, Kel’Thuzad. He serves the Lich King without question, a necromancer of great prowess in life, turned to a master of necromancy after his death. It is said he is the most loyal of the Lich King’s subjects.”

This fight is split up into two very different phases. During phase one keep your pet by your side at all times. There will be stuff coming towards you (you will be standing in the circle in the center of the room) that you will want to kill. Your job will firstly be on the little skeletons, but as you progress you will be focusing more on the banshees. Don’t touch the abominations! The melee and tanks will deal with those.

After this, Kel’Thuzad himself will show up. First thing’s first: spread out. Don’t be standing next to anyone. (But be sure you’re still in range of as many healers as you can get. Very important.)

DPS Kel’Thuzad. Watch out for Void Zones that will show up under you; move if one does. Sometimes something will happen called “mana detonation”, it drains your mana and blows up anyone standing next to you (see what I meant about spreading out?)

People will get ice-blocked. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOUR HEALERS KNOW IMMEDIATELY, if you don’t get any heals you will die in about two seconds. Depending on the experience level of your raid you will probably have to either announce in Vent or spam a macro or something.

Partway through the fight giant bugs will show up that a tank will pick up. You may be asked to misdirect these to the tank; it helps to have a macro ready for this. ( /cast [target=tank’s name] Misdirection , then shoot the bugs.)

If you’re on 25-man KT you’ll get mind controlled sometimes, you’ll just have to deal with it as far as I’m aware (KT is one of the few Naxx fights I haven’t done on 25-man yet x_x)

Warning: It is very possible for your pet to eat void zones. The likelihood of this happening increases with the amount of melee DPS in your raid group. If you can’t keep a very close eye on your pet and your group is melee heavy, you may opt to have him sit this one out, at least for the first part of the KT fight. He can usually go safely back in once the bugs come out.

Grats on beating Naxx!

…wait, a challenger appears!

Mr. Bigglesworth


“The last living creature in Naxxramas, this cat is said to be the last thread connecting Kel’thuzad to his mortal life. It is said that any who dare to harm a hair on his head doom themselves to… well, nevermind. I’m sure no one would be foolish enough to lay a hand on Kel’thuzad’s precious pet. “


…I say we take off and nuke the cat from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

And so our heroes have reached the end of their journey and returned home safely. But because we want you to keep tuning in, next time REVENGE OF THE SON OF MISTER BIGGLESWORTH, THE NINJA MECHA-CAT WITH LUPUS.


12 thoughts on “A Hunter's Guide to Naxxramas Bosses: Frostwyrm Lair”

  1. Don’t forget to NOT use Multi-Shot in phase one of the KT fight! It’s been known to pull an entire alcove and wipe the raid. x.x

  2. One of my favorite things in the world to do is use critter bites on Mr Bigglesworth. Take that, Kel’thuzad! He’s my kitty now!

  3. It’s now wonder Ensidia is still wiping on Bigglesworth. Sometimes I wonder if Blizz just put him there to laugh at us. It’s the Kobayashi Maru of WoW.

    I mean come on! You barely survived the paws of fury and then he does Fluffy eyes and suddenly half the raid is mind controlled.. every single time we get all the healers MCed and we wipe. And we have a hunter who keeps missing the class call and gives him catnip just boosting his damage… still have to beat the damn 2nd phase.. if anyone here have tips please I need them before my guild just break on him

  4. In 25 man KT when the mind control is up, do your best to CC the Mind-controlled people with a trap, wyvern sting, or scatter shot (if you have it for some strange reason). If you’re a beast master, make sure your Bestial wrath is on CD at all times. I’ve never had it happen to me, but I imagine it would not be a pretty thing to see.

    Maybe a note add for Sapph that the pets do not have to be recalled for the ice bomb but they can end up despawning. (At least it happens to me)

  5. Why do I love this fight? Because I always seem to have great DPS on KT even though I feel like I’m actually never DPS-ing KT. For one, I’m usually the last one to join in when the KT beat down starts. I’m usually finishing off the last one or two banshees still around after all the skeletons are dead. Then, I’m just antsy waiting to make sure the two adds get properly Misdirected to the OT (or MT). Then on top of that, I’m quickly looking for the mind controlled player so I can toss a freezing arrow at that person. Somewhere in all of that I get some shots in on KT.

    As mentioned, you only have to worry about mind control in 25-man. And for those that have never seen it, it looks like a purple-ish glowing (not 100% sure on the color) chain X around a player’s torso. That player will also get big and red (kind of like a boss’ enrage).

    And if you’re Marks specced with Silencing Shot (which I am), or any character with an interrupt, please use it on KT’s Frostbolts.

  6. 25-man Saph will ice block three guys. Also, in both 10 and 25, when he goes into the air you should spread out until every ice block is down because the blocks also do an AoE when they strike. It doesn’t tick, but it can hurt when combined with the Frost Aura. (Also, don’t be That Guy that will get ice blocked in a blizzard. It sucks.)

    KT 25, as said, you should be ready to trap anything big and red. However, I would recommend against saving Bestial Wrath to pop out of the MC; as there’s 20-25 raiders and only two targets per chains cast, the likelyhood of any individual being MCed is relatively low and certainly not worth the DPS loss given that other people can CC you anyway.

  7. As with most dragons, dps from the side on Sapph. MD the tank when he lands; you might have to repostion if the tank has him turned a bit. We usually try to keep Sapph oriented N-S.

    ON KT, to re-iterate: NO MULTI-SHOT on the pre-trash. I usually sic pet on Abominations (on passive), while 1-2 shotting skellies and pissing off the melee dps running towards them, until banshees start coming.

    On Kel, I think the DBM command “/rangecheck #” will display a box with anyone closer than “#” yards to you, helping you to keep spread out.

    When Ice-Blocked, I place complete faith in my healers, as raid spam, or even vent calls usually happen too late. You simply have to trust them….oh….and when you start to spread out, find one and stand eleven yards away, next to them 😛 I find that helps…

  8. I find it’s useful to stand so that you’re visible on the screen (but at least 10 yards away from) one or preferably two of your healers. You’re much more likely to get iceblock heals if they actually see you in a big block of ice on their screen. Not foolproof, but it helps.

    And another point to note: our pets don’t get iceblocked.

  9. Am I the only one that runs with a guild that believes if you kill Bigglesworth there will be fewer random epic drops? I refuse to believe this but the raid leaders are so serious they make it sound like a /gkick offense to harm him. I’ve been in other guilds where that was the prize for being the first one to zone in on raid night.

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