It Took A Few Weeks But…


I’ve finally cleared Naxx! Much thanks to my guild for making room for me to squeeze in to their weekly run when I actually requested time off of work for this (I’m a dork.)

I have to admit, I was getting antsy about my lack of having done it when it felt like everyone else had. Partially because it felt like I was missing out, but also partially because I’ve been really wanting to make a “Hunter’s Guide to Naxxramas” as a sort of a spiritual sequel to my “Hunter’s Guide to Karazhan” that I made a while back. Now that I have done all the bosses at least once (and most of them, many more times than once), I feel qualified to do so. Look for that in the near future. ^_^

As for the new spec I tried out that I detailed in the last post: overall I think it worked well. I was definitely consistently somewhere near the top of DPS on the occasions where I remembered to pull out Recount (I forgot a lot >.>), and I ended Patchwerk with 3548, which beats my previous 10man Patchwerk high score of 3300ish, and is in fact a perfect tie of what I got pre-BM Nerf as a blue-clad fresh 80… yeeeah, we probably needed the nerf. /cough

I’ve been pretty solidly sold on the virtues of Improved Tracking over Improved Arcane Shot at this point; I’m a little iffy on Survival Instincts though. I think I’ll probably end up moving those two points back into Mortal Shots, or one into Mortal Shots and one into Beast Mastery cause I feel naked without that talent. >.>

And now it’s onward to countless Malygos wipes with the guild as we try to do it for the first time… oh, and trying to PuG my way through 25man Naxx. Yeah that last one’s gonna be… interesting. x_x

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  1. My reccomendation for EoE is probably the same as everyone’s… do Aces High! together as a raid, switching around who’s healing and who’s DPSing. The first two phases, though tricky, are at least pretty normal playstyle. Drakes are where our guild wiped the most. The whole fight could be said to be about stacking — Phase 1 is stacking sparks together, phase 2 is stacking the raid on top of each other in the antimagic, and phase 3 is about keeping your DoT stack high.

    …whoah, raid leader came out there. >.>

    But grats on Naxx! 25 isn’t so bad, really, and pugging it (at least on my server) isn’t… too… okay, yeah, it’s awful, but try to go with guild names you recognize. Only fight that’s considerably different aside from “harder hitting” is K’T, what with the mind controls. Good luck!

  2. wowow! congrats, Pike!!

    Kohaku is really amazed about people who make time to attend raid. If you think about it, yes, it makes sense. People will show up at _:__PM to do Naxx until _:__PM and get purple pixels. But from an rl perspective, it’s pretty amazing to think that 10-25 people are doing this at the same time…

    I’ll look forward to the Hunter’s Guide to Naxx~

  3. Way to go!

    I just recently completed Naxx, myself, and I imagine it was even more frustrating because I did it bass-ackwards: I was along when we downed Kel’Thuzad weeks ago, but wasn’t able to join my guild on a night that we did the Construct Quarter until last week 😛

    As for EoE and beg/borrow/stealing my way through Naxx25 – I feel your pain.

  4. Grats on that one! I’m currently (meaning when I get around to it) working on gearing up a little for some heroics (enchants one more perm. gear, rep gear, etc) and eventually raiding. I just dinged 80 last night. 😀 Weee.
    I was so excited. Hehe.
    I’m curious,
    After seeing your UI in your dancing video and screenshots I’m wondering if you’re like me.
    Do you click the majority of your abilities? XD I do, and I feel sort of ashamed of it…but really, I bind all the stuff I use a lot (except steady-shot but that’s because I’m silly) and I don’t notice myself being any slower compared to people who keybind everything. The whole “clicker” thing gets a bad rep, I think. /shrug Just seems like too much effort keybinding everything then getting used to it. Plus, hunters have so many freaking abilities. /collapse
    I ranted a bit….hehe x.x’ Just curious. 😛

  5. Congratulations on your clear!

    My recommendation for EOE is slightly different from others, in that I advise you make sure your raid have people with generous helpings of HP pools, especially your healers. Otherwise the vortex phase might bring down members of your team with buffed hp under 19k-22k, especially if they get unlucky hits following vortex that would 1-shot them. A good way is to slot in one or two pieces of HP (frost resist) gear or PVP gear if their hp is lacking.

    Of course if you have priests and druids that day, then hp pools aren’t so important.
    Good luck on EOE!

  6. @ Artemes – for me, I’ve found the most effective thing to do is to use a combination of clicking and keystrokes. Moving is also a combination of the mouse and the keyboard, depending on the situation. I haven’t noticed any problems so far, so!

  7. GZ!

    I just did this last night, Naxx10 and my DPS on Patchwerk was pretty similar to yours and I’m a MM Hunter 🙂

    So what next? We went straight to OS10 with 8 people and did that too…I guess that leaves Malygos or maybe some Sarth + Drakes. Hmm…better get reading your Aces High! Guide.

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